07 Dinning plan


I just booked my 07 plans and was wondering id the dining plan was worth it? For 2 adulta and 2 kids for 9 nights is about $900.00. i dont know if I should delete that of my plans and see if it comes out free next year> if it isnt free again Im thinking about just winging the food plans… What do ya all think… Before I get advised take into consideration that I dont care about eating find dining every day… In 05 we took $2000.00 cash and ate a sit down every day and still came home with $500.00 after food and items…


I would say that if it comes out to be free dining then do it. Otherwise,it sounds as if you would spend less than that on food. Also, I understand that the 2007 plan has limited the dining restaurants.


Do a rough plan of where you plan to eat and then look up the menu on AllEars and see what you would pay for what you think your family might order. See how much it would cost with and w/o the plan and make your decision. I did that for our May trip and it came up about even so we went with the plan and then got the appetizer and dessert that we wouldn’t have normally order yet spent about the same as we would have if we would have paid out of pocket for each meal.

Basically, if you eat one sit down meal every day and a counter service meal most if not every day then the dining plan is probably a good deal for you. If you don’t take the time for a lot of sit down meals then skip the plan.


I was thinking over the course of today that its a vacation for petes sake and I guess that I will take the dining plan and just hope and prey its free next year!!


Oh NO! Where did you hear this?


On another board, but we need to go to the WDW official site to check it out, the poster said that they were eliminating a lot of restaurants in Epcot and almost all at DTD.:angry:


That doesn’t make alot of sense to me. I hope it’s a false rumor.


Me Too!! I dont want to feel like we wont have the same kind of deal that we had before. Im already freaking out that in 08 09 10 11 12 that the prices of going to WDW will be so high no one will be able to go!!


I heard that there will be a lot of changes as to what is a dining plan restraunt and what is not- considering that things seem to be getting more expensive I believe that it wont be in our best interest for sure…


I am surprised that WDW didn’t drop the dining plan for 07. I can’t see how they are making that much money on it. I know you have to pay rack rate for it but when a family of 4 stays in a value or moderate resort for a week and totally gets the most out of the dining plan WDW can’t be making money on it.

I guess by dropping restaurants they hope to steer people to the less expensive restaurants so the meals will cost less on Disney’s side.


I wonder if they are thinking that after a counter meal and a quick meal and two signiature meals for one (figure that its guaranteeing about $50 a person for a $32 ticket) if they use the meal- they will make the difference. Personally I figure that if we can spend the full $40 per person for the sitdown that our savings is in the freebie counter and snack… that is what Im aiming for at least


Even though It is 900 the freedom is priceless. I would rather pay ahead than cringe at every $12 appitizer…


I just looked at the new 2007 particpating restaurants and there are many Epcot restaurants that are no longer there!:ohmy: :mad: :angry: :crying:



With or without the dining plan WDW gets their money. Their cost of the meals are nothing. They would never offer something if it meant they would lose in the end. Look at the actual charges for things like bottled water…they make a killing at our expense no matter where you stay, eat, or buy souveniers. I know it may seem like they aren’t making money but in reality they are.


Right, but If Im going to eat there then I might as well make the $$$ go farther.

2007 - No Japan, Mexico or France. Wonder if they are pushing guests toward underperformers.

Downtown Disney Only Capn’ Jacks

No coronado springs at all

Did add some character meals though…


PS Calculator: WDW Planning Webtools
This is the link with a lot of information. The one that pertains to your question is the WDW Vacation & Meal Planner. Click on that and download that planner, it gives you all you need to know about pricing for every restaurant all in one window. It will calculate everything including tips if you want. I heavily relied on that the last time we went.


iI’m SO, SO disappointed that Teppanyaki and Chefs de France are not on the dining plan. My DH and sons wil be, too when I tell them.


Bummed about Tempayani too, at least Le Cellier is still on there!!


we are thinking rose and crown for fireworks this time around so that is cool! They are still there too


If you noticed at the bottom of their dining pamphlet, it states dining locations subject to change. Maybe, if Disney gets a lot of flack about some places not being listed, maybe they’ll add to the list before 2007 actually arrives. Anyone know where we can send our opinions?