09/16 or 11/29 which one?


i am so ready to book our next trip major withdrawal. opinions we are thinking of sept 16 to the 25 to nov 29 to dec 6… we have been early September never in november… how is the weather in nov crowds? we love it around halloween but travel agent says end of nov is lower crowds… problem with nov is i hate to wait that long big pro is it is cheaper. HELP???


I would go with the November trip, the weather isn’t as humid and a plus is Christmas decorations will be up too. The crowds after Thanksgiving and a week or so before Christmas are no problem either.


November ! the Chirstmas scenes are awesome!


November, hands-down.


November!! You get the benefits of fewer crowds, less humid weather, and seeing the Christmas festivities before the crowds descend. While there is no bad time to go, there usually aren’t any special events in September. We go in November, and LOVE it!!


are the christmas stuff as good as the halloween. is the weather warm enough for shorts and swimming/water rides.?


If you want shorts/swimming/water rides weather, September might be better. I’m coming from a Floridian perspective where I want to avoid the heat and humidity as much as possible because I’m in it all the time - but with you coming from Pennsylvania, I can see why you would want those things in your vacation.

September is pretty much guaranteed to be hot…also more likely to rain in the afternoons. November is sometimes still hot and usually at least in the 70s, but all bets are off after the crazy winter we’ve had this year!

Sorry if that was a completely indecisive and unhelpful reply. :pinch: Just trying to weigh the pros & cons.


I went the week after Thanksgiving many years ago. I live up in the Northeast but my parents live in Florida. We had several days where the morning was in the 40s but by midday I was shedding clothing. So be warned that mornings can be cold in November/December.

We just went the middle of September last year and although it was hot and humid the lines for rides were nonexistent. It rained in the afternoon a couple of times but only for like 5 minutes and then it dried so fast you wouldnt have known it rained.

I guess I cannot say which one to choose but just be mindful of the weather both times of the year and pick your poison.

Good luck!


thank you all im still not sure … 70s seem cool for Florida coming from pa we like warm on vacations. not humid but warm… but 40 in the morning sounds too cold for comfort. i certainly don’t want to have to bring a coat we did that last April and froze. we also are doing universal for one or two days to see harry potter. are the crowds low in that part of September.?


We’ve done Late Nov (07), Sept. (09), early Jan (05) and I can tell you hands down trade the possibility of needing a light jacket for the humidity.

If you want to swim the pools are heated. As far as the weather, there is just no guarantee. In Jan, it was 80 for a high and 60 for a low and sunny every single day we were there. But just before we got there it was pouring rain and colder.

Our Nov trip was similar but the Sept. was brutally hot. We are going back again at the same time this year and now know what to expect, but if I had the choice, I would surely move it to early Dec.


November! Christmas Decorations and temperatures aren’t as bad as they are in September!!


My parents in law always go November, and they think its a perfect time. They have the advantage of seeing all the holiday decor with out the holiday crowds, and the weather is just pleasant for them as they dont do ‘hot’.