1, 2, 3, 4 I Declare a Hot Dog War


Do you have a favorite hot dog in WDW and why is it your favorite?

(We already know I don’t:laugh:)


I really HATE hot dogs! I know hate is a very strong word, but it is the only one that makes since. I can’t even stand the smell!! I think if that was one of the only foods left in the world, I’d rather starve. :laugh:


Never found a really good hot dog at WDW. I only like European-style weiners with nice crunchy casings and I haven’t come across any of those at WDW. If someone knows where to find one, let me know.


i like my dogs grilled with the black stripes across them not boiled or steamed like in Disney, or most public places for that matter. Sorry, no help here.


I have to agree with you Kim. Just the smell of a hotdog makes me gag. I try to hold my breath when ever we have to pass by Caseys Corner.:blow:


That is the worst place when it comes to smelling hot dogs. My DH always has to get one there too. UGH!!


Hot dogs are a once in awhile thing for me. I think I have only had one once or twice at WDW and neither was that memorable. I do go to Caseys sometimes, but mostly for the corndog nuggets…lol


I have had this conversation with Soundgod before and there are no good hot dogs in WDW. Here in Buffalo we grill natural casing hot dogs and they are so good. He’s had 'em. I have had hot dog haters say they really liked them.

You also can do a sweat dog if its covered in Texas sauce onions and mustard. But I guess that’s a slider or we sometimes call them a sh**y canoe.

That being said, I’ll eat a Caseys. The location and ambience add to it.


I have to agree with many here–WDW hotdogs are just not that memorable. I don’t like a steamed or boiled hotdog. I love a split-fried hotdog. To me, that’s the only way to eat 'em.


Never ate a hot dog at WDW and never will.


I love this. The first time I addressed this, I did set off a real battle. It’s amazing seeing so many posts that agree with me. Some of the posts are hilarious.
Bribren’s right about the dogs in Buffalo. After all, that’s where I learned to like what I like.
When I was a kid, there was only one Ted’s, and now there’s more. My folks used to take me to Leo’s at the corner of Delaware and Kenmore where the had charcoal grilled dogs that were the specialty.
Kim’s comments about Casey’s Corner echo mine, but I learned to bite my tongue after getting 10 lashes for taking swipes at CC’s. Mickeybug echos mine about steamed and boiled versus grilled. What Llama calls European style are what I call deli style, both are hard casing franks.
So I’m beginning to see a consensus here that Disney hot dogs are roughly equal to Disney pizza?

Keep this thread alive!


I really cant stand hotdogs. The smell makes me wanna gag too! I hate the look and smell of those things NOW my kids and DH love them. I have to work 2 late nights a week at work and when I do hotdogs are on their list for dinner because I REFUSE to cook them. Now as far as eating them in Disney I doubt I would ever give my kids the option because I dont want to look at them.


Pop Centry Chilli Chesse Dogs are good


Have to agree about the smell at Casey’s Corner - it’ is just too overwhelming - although to me it smells more like sauerkraut than hotdogs. Maybe it’s a combination - but it’s not pretty.:blow:

I’ll have a Hebrew National at Costco once in awhile…


I love a good hot dog…I just haven’t ever had one at WDW. The smell of Casey’s Corner has always been enough to keep me from trying one. I’m not in the mood for heavy, greasy food like that when I’m having an active day.

I do have to stop in at Casey’s every trip though to take a picture of my DD next to a sign in there that has her name on it.


I have never had a dog at WDW. I did have the mini corn dogs from Casy’ Corner and those were disgusting. Normally I don’t eat dogs and if I do its the Hebrew National but it has to be done on the grill.


We had a decent hot dog several years ago from a cart at the Boardwalk. Not sure if it still is around though. I have to admit Im a sucker fo a dirty water dog in NYC. You just have to know which place to get it from when you go there (hence the name.):laugh:


Have you ever seen the undercover stories they do on the NYC vendors??? :blow: I could not eat off one of those carts. Not with so many great deli’s to pick from


We hit the Carnegie Deli every time. Gotta love their Garlic Pickles. As far a the dogs go, we are definitely cautious, not all of them are dirty water dogs(allthough there is a far share).There is a great stand on the corner of central park (W59th and Madison.) Controlled enviornment and no wheels.Other than that I cant pass one up in Yankee Stadium or Nathan’s in Coney Island.


I guess I could say the only places i’ve ever bought one commercially already cooked that I could stand to eat is Rudy’s, with Tony Packo’s running close 2nd.
Grilled is the only way to go. Almost burnt on the outside and cooked in the middle.