1 cent rooms


Well, lookie lookie here what showed up in my mailbox this evening. When I clicked to see what locations offered, guess what??? Orlando-Convention Center. After the bait and switch another MBer just went through, don’t think i’d try it.

Welcome to our first-ever
1¢ Room Rate Event!

Dear Cyndi,

Are you ready to get away this summer with a 1¢ stay?
We know once you experience Red Roof’s comfort and value, you’ll visit us again and again. So, we’re offering 1 night at select Red Roof locations for just 1¢!¹ It’s a “cent-sational” way to discover the unbelievable value and comfort of a Red Roof stay. We’re confident that once you’ve stayed the Red Roof way, you’ll visit us another day.

Finding the 1¢ Room Rate Event is simple:
• Click here to see locations and dates available for 1¢.
• Make your reservation at the specified property and
your total room rate will be just 1¢!¹

But hurry. The 1¢ Room Rate Event is based on a first come, first served basis, so check redroof.com often – and reserve quickly! You can also call 800.RED.ROOF to make your reservation.

Starting August 7, at 10 am (EST), the 1¢ Room Rate Event
will begin.


Wow, that’s interesting. In the case of the other MB’er, it was clearly a mistake. But in this case it looks as though it’s legit. I’m surprised there isn’t a minimum # of nights you have to book so that they can get a couple of nights at rack rate to balance that out. That would be a great deal if you needed a cheap place to stay due to a late arrival in Orlando, and then transfer to WDW in the morning. I wonder how much the taxes, etc. are?


no mim to book. right now Boston has the only date open but Orlando is on the list to open a date soon. And you’re right, a one nighter in transit would be good.


Wow that is totally cool!