1 day 2 parks


well it was SUPPOSED to be 1 day 4 parks starring just me, but i woke up late and dh laid me on a guilt trip. so we packed up the girls and took off at about 10:30 to head to hollywood studios and magic kingdom :happy: i neglected to tell him that the park was open til 1am, must have slipped my mind!!!
so we got to hs at about 12:30 which was actually really good timing. we headed straight to sunset blvd since this was a day to do big kid things! i took the girls to beauty and the beast while dh went and rode tower of terror. we met up after the show and went to rnrc where we did the rider swap. i went on first and but silly me went in the standby line. so i waited and waited. it wasn’t until i was getting my car assignment that i noticed the single rider line. but i got the back seat and had soooooooo much fun!!! i met dh nd the girls in the gift shop where they were happily squishing pennies. i took them out to put some stickers on records and waited for dh.


after rnrc we headed back down sunset to hit toy story. since we weren’t in any kinda rush we decided to just wait in the standby line. not that we had much of a choice since all the fast passes were gone. we got to the line and the wait was 90 mins. but when we got inside, there was an announcement that they were having difficulties and it would be longer. so we ended up waiting more like 120 mins. but soooo worth it! a ton of people left so we probably would have been there MUCH longer if it weren’t for them. i DID get a little irked that there were people in line then they would leave and come back with food and push through everyone. grrrr so rude!!!

i rode with nina and tito rode with rose. i got 77,000, dh got 111,0000, rose got 1500 and nina got 0. but she only likes the rode when it’s moving anyways!

p.s. i sanitized nina’s glasses before with dropped them in the bin!:eek:


after toy story, tito decided he was hungry so we went to the abc commisary and ate our lunch that we packed. it was dead in there so i didn’t feel guilty hogging up a table (or two or three after the girls finished eating). we got out and the hsm3 show was going on which tito likes to avoid like the plague so we went to the great movie ride. it was fun except rose did not like all the shooting. our bad guy was pretty lame and our driver mispronounced a few actors names which my husband so nicely pointed out. i didn’t notice.
after that we headed to american idol because i am an addict and still haven’t been to see it. of course the show JUST started. had my dh not been a poop head about seeing hsm3 we would have been able to get to see AI. oh well…
by this time it was about 5pm so we decided to head over to magic kingdom…
after riding tot and rnrc!!!

we did the single rider line at rnrc so we got through pretty fast and then went to tot. while dh was on that, there was a guy with some brooms and water drawing. the girls could have spent all day there. when dh got off tot i went on. i LOVE this ride soooooooooooo much!!!


next stop was the magic kingdom… we drove over there just as it was getting dark. i knew as soon as we pulled into the last section of the parking lot that it was going to be packed. being as it was almost 7pm i was amazed at how many people were pulling in behind us. i realized this morning… columbus day weekend!

we got the tram then rode the monorail to the magic kingdom. when we got in, we bee lined it to pecos bills to grab a bite to eat (i apparently didn’t pack enough food). while we were eating the spectro magic parade was going by. we’re going next weekend and was hoping the girls wouldn’t notice as i wanted them to see it and have that “first time” excitement when we’re with my aunt and uncle (we didn’t see it in september and rose last saw it last year so she didn’t really remember it). we made it about halfway through when they started begging to see it. so we took them out and watched from a distance.

after the parade we went towards splash mountain and got stuck in a huge mass of people. by the time we got there, it was a 30 min wait. t went on while we played at the laughing place. while we were there, wishes was going on. i could see a little bit of it. rose is scared of the noise so she was distracted and i didn’t want to drag her out to see them in the crowd. i kept entertained by this older lady and her little grandson. she jumped everytime there was a loud one. i was trying to remember cpr in case…

t got of the ride just as wishes finished (said it was sooooo cool to see from splash mountain) and i hopped on! front row!!! i got pretty wet.

we then went to btmrr but we were tired and the wait was 30 mins. we decided to skip it to go one rides with the girls.

so we head over to fantasyland and ride the carousel. we manuevered our way around so they wouldn’t ask for the dumbos or to play in pooh’s playground (we’re so bad). we went on the tta and i noticed the new soundtrack. i was so bummed!!! we did see part of the second spectromagic from the tta. that was pretty cool!!! after that, we went to the noodle station to use the bathroom. dh forgot that he promised rose she could play with the big globe with the water so we had to go all the way back for that lol! we left at about 11:45pm!!! drove the 2.5 hours home and slept in on sunday!!!
next weekend we are doing magic kingdom and epcot and staying at all star music!!! i am already excited!!!