1 Day only w/Grumpy, Help!


My friend Ross is coming to visit me later this week. He doesn’t even particularly want to go to Disney, but that’s because he’s grumpy and cynical. Because of the cost of tickets, he’s only able to buy 1 day, 1 park. The question is, I really have to knock his socks off about Disney because I’ve been going on about it for so long, so WHICH PARK!?!?!??

He’s 26 and the biggest cynic you could imagine. AK is pretty much out, I think he’d enjoy the rides and the theming at MGM, definitely would enjoy the intellectual vibe at EPCOT, but I really want him to feel the magic at MK. I think Saturday is going to be our day. What do you guys think I should do? Which would you choose for the most hardened, ice-hearted grump in the world?


EJ. That is tough. I would do either Epcot or MK. From what you have said about him, I am leaning towards MK.


MGM…Like you said, great rides, fabulous theming. Sounds like he may need to be eased into the ‘magic’ at the Magic Kingdom. Hook him with MGM, then spring Magic Kingdom on him next visit!


i’ve known a couple people like you’re describing. I find that adults can always get their “socks knocked off” at EPCOT. Especially this time of year when everything is all gussied up for the Food and Wine Festival. Get 'em drunk, eat some good food, they’ll LOVE it. haha!


Cynical, Grumpy, hey that’s me!

Having said that, if he has any kid left in him at all you have to do MK. Pirates, Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion, the mountains, the fireworks…

Nuff said.

Why don’t you treat him and help him make up the difference for a Park Hopper, you know you want to…lol.



I would definitely pick EPCOT. It is the least in-your-face of the 4 parks. If he’s not that into Disney, he’s not going to want to ride It’s a Small World. EPCOT has many things that adults especially will find interesting. MK might be a little too “Disney” for the first time for someone like him.


I agree with cosmicwaves and grumpydad, EPCOT is the way to go. If you have time, get your hand stamped at the exit. Then jump on the Freedom boat and go over to the Boardwalk and hit ESPN for a drink or sandwich. He should enjoy ESPN. Give it a try. :tongue: :angel:


I think I would pick Epcot as well, especially with the Food and Wine Festival going on right now.


I would go for MGM. It’s my favourite park with my two favourite rides, plus the stunt show, Indiana Jones, Sci-Fi Diner for lunch. Plus I’m with GrumpyDad, spring for the extra Park Hopper option so you can go to Epcot in the late afternoon for Mission:Space, Test Track and Soarin’. Then some dinner at your favourite Epcot eatery before Illuminations.


I vote for Epcot too: beauty, whimsy, thrill rides, imaginative, cultural aesthetics, fine cuisine… There’s so much variety there, it’s bound to sway him to “our side”.

As for MK, you can’t force the magic on anyone. Either thay have it or they don’t. It’s not for everyone.


I say Epcot as well. Food and Wine, Soarin, Test Track, Mission Space.
MGM would be my second choice.
I am afraid MK would be too much if he is going in there feeling like he does not like “Disney”


I LOVE that quote!!!


I have to agree with the majority. EPCOT is magical in it’s own special way. Sometimes those cold hearts are so frozen so hard, you have to sneak up on them from their blind side. You already know he “definitely would enjoy the intellectual vibe at EPCOT”, so go for the sure thing.


NOT MK! Cynical people will rip on the pixie dust and magic.

I say MGM. ToT is the best WDW “ride.” RnR is imagineering at its best. You’ve got some great shows, good restaurants, and an evening with Fantasmic.


I say MK. That is our favorite park. I love PoC, Space, Splash, Thunder, Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise. I mean, what’s there NOT to like?


If he’ll ride - go with MGM. If he likes to eat and drink go to Food and Wine at Epcot.
No MK. He’s not going to like it, no matter what.


Wow this is tough! You guys suggested everything!:laugh: No clear winner here:pinch:


Since I have not been to WDW I am not too sure, but I would say the park with the biggest rides.


You’re suprised at that?

Seriously, you HAVE to eliminate MK. Lil’ & I didn’t enjoy it as much as the other parks UNTIL we had kids. Now, it’s our favorite, but that’s because of how we see it now.

MK can’t compete with a “thrill ride” park. You’ve already eliminated AK.

Epcot might be good, but he might complain about nothing to “do” in WS. So MGM gives you the best options. Thrill Rides. Shows. Food.


This is a funny thread!! I bought my husband a grumpy t-shirt for our trip last month. The front side had grumpy looking mean as usual with my husband’s name underneath- Jeff and on the back it said grumpy one. Everyone at the parks loved it. It would of been an additional thrill if we got to see the 7 dwarfs at MK, that would of been great. I think any park brings out the magic in anyone. My husband is also grumpy and acted like a kid the whole entire trip, he flirted with Minnie so much, lol. I hate to see what he would do around Cindy, Ariel, or Snow White.