1 day to go!


I can’t believe it, one day to go :eek:
I couldn’t even fall asleep last night because I’m so darn excited! I’ve had butterflies for days.
I’m almost all packed, just a few things to throw in the suitcases the morning we leave. I can’t get over how lighter the packing is for the summer, rather than the early spring.
I really hope the weather is nice. I looked on-line and it forcasted T-storms for a few days :noo::noo:

I just want to say thank you to all my new MB friends for the wonderful insight you have all given me for this trip. I think it will be the best one yet…fingers crossed. :wub:

I can’t wait for my very first trip report when I return!!!


SOOOO Excited for you - well, 90% excited 10% jealous:angel:
I hope you have a Wonderful time ~ we’ll be here patiently waiting for a Trip Report & I can’t wait to hear your comments about POR- we’re staying there in September & I’ve been reading mixed reviews. HAVE A GREAT TIME & ENJOY EVERY LITTLE DROP OF MAGIC!!
(okay, so really like 80% excited, 20% jealous!!:biggrin:)


Yay! I’m feeling your excitement! Only 10 days to go for me! I hope your trip is awesome!


I am feeling your excitement and it is making me more excited for when I leave in 14 days. I can’t wait til I have one day left…


Have a safe and magical trip!

Can’t wait to hear all about it



Remember to drink lots of BEER … er… Water , That’s what I meant to say!!!
Don’t worry about the weather !!! HAVE FUN !!!


Have a wonderful trip!! Can’t wait to hear all the details! I think they post scattered thunderstorms for every day during the summer in FL - don’t worry - if it rains it usually doesn’t last long! ENJOY!!!


Have a Magical time!


One more day! I hope you have a magical trip! I’ll be there in 10 days too!


:biggrin:That is one thing I am looking forward to with my August trip! I love those storms…best Disney attraction:happy:

I hope you have a great time Tinker, and safe travel too.


Have fun! Let us know ASAP how it was!


Have fun-if it rains, you will be glad… It was HOT last week, and you will need to drink lots of water…


Thanks everyone :wub:- I CAN’T WAIT!
All that’s left to do now are the fun things, like mani’s & pedi’s!

Zoey yes, it will be ASAP because I can’t wait for my 1st TR!

Wall, beer is more my hubby, I’m a grey goose girl only cuz I’m allergic to beer :glare: but I think he’ll do you proud :wink:.
I can only think the consumption (of frosty beers) at Epcot will be more in the June heat :happy:


Ahh! I’m so excited for you! Have a wonderful time and be sure to come back with lots of stories to share with us! :happy::heart:


Thank you Alice :happy: