1 more day, EXCITED!


Have been in Deerfield Beach, FL all week working and except for today the weather has been great allowing for beach time after work. Got a car rented for tomorrow after work and will be headed up to Cocoa Beach to my home base and then to WDW for a few days. Can’t wait!


Have a wonderful time! The weather should be great!


AWESOME!! We are right behind you by a few days!! Have fun!!


Is there a TR in your future?


have fun sounds great


Hope you have a great trip at WDW. Can’t wait to read your TR.


There used to be, and may still be, a wonderful Italian restaurant near where you crossed over to Cocoa beach. I can’t recall the name, but it was family owned. They had the BEST calzone I have ever had! I’ll ask my husband if he can recall the name tonight.


My husband can’t recall the name but says it was on Merritt Island. Wow that really narrowed it down LOL - sorry!


Have a wonderful time!