1 More Day!


I can’t believe that after all of this time I am finally down to 1 more day on my countdown. We’re leaving on Wednesday (but my children still think that we’re leaving on Thursday :ohmy: !! I never told them I added an extra day.) I can’t wait to wake them up Wednesday morning and see their surprised faces :huh: .

WDW, here we come…:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Have a great time!!


Yay…have a great time. Bring back lots of fun stories and of course the obligatory pictures. Me loves picachures :biggrin:


yeah 4 u…im jealous


Have a fantastic time . . . what a great SURPRISE for the kids! :laugh:


You are going to have so much fun. Take lot’s of pictures for us.


It seems so far away, at first, and then when its finally here you can’t believe it!

Have a great time!!


YAY! Have the best time ever.


I would be going nuts right now - 1 DAY! woohoo!! have a great trip!!


That’s great!! I would LOVE to see your kids’ faces :laugh: Last year my parents surprised my sisters and I with an extra day, we were SO excited. Have bunches of fun!


Have fun. Can’t wait to see the TR.


YAY for you!! How exciting! Are you ready?


I like the surprise. I bet you will be able to get them to bed nice and early since they will not be all esxcited thinking it is the next night when it is actually the next day!

I know even now anytime before going away I have trouble getting to bed becasue im so excited about the vaca. That would be a nice surpruse to wake up to.

Have fun and bring back some pics.


Yay! Have a wonderful time!!!


:ohmy: Make sure you capture the excitement! If you told me I was leaving a day before I had planned, I’d just have to … SMILE REALLY BIG!


Whoa! :eek: Love surprises … Have a great time!! :biggrin: