$1 Passporter Available Now!


OK, so it’s from 2005 and a LITTLE out of date! However, these books are BRAND NEW (never used)! For those of you who have always wanted to try the Passporter but didn’t want to shell out about 20 bucks, THIS OFFER IS FOR YOU!!!

If you’ve ever even THOUGHT about getting one, GO FOR IT! $1…you can’t go wrong!!!

PassPorter.com: $1 PassPorter!


OMG I love the Passporter, and mine is packed away in Alaska…:crying:…I have been pining away for it lately!

What a steal! Who cares if it’s a teensy bit out of date? It’ll tide me over!

Thanks for the tip Kim! :happy:


I am taking my DSs next year no matter what. I think I will get them each one to do their own research and writing in. I will keep my up-to-date one for me. And they won’t be fighting over them if they each have their own. Thanks for the info.


Well the Passporter’s a buck, and media mail shipping is only $3.11 (at least for me.) Only $4.11 for a Passporter, I can handle that!

Dangnab, go figure I don’t have any money in my checking account right now…I checked my balance online and it’s $3.96! :laugh: That doesn’t quite cover it! Now I gotta go all the way to the bank…


Thanks for the tip! I just ordered mine. This is something I have always wanted to check out. If I like it I will order the 2007 version.

Lisa :mickey:


$1??? Wow ! Grab it while you can. I have it already or would be tempted to get it too. I’m waiting for the 2007 now. I never even got the 2006 since it released late with already outdated information.


I bought the 2004 version last year when they had the same deal. I gave it to the kids to use to keep all their stuff in. They felt like they were really grown up since they had their own. DD even took notes in it to help her remember her trip. Now, all 5 Passporters (we even keep the ones fromold trips because we have our notes in them) are sitting on a shelf in my office.


But they’re nice souveniers, right?


I just ordered mine!


I thought I would have a look at this as its a great idea to help planning the trip. Only the postage was nearly $57 which works out at over $85 AUD. I think I will give that a miss…it was a little more than I thought it would be.


$57 postage? I’d pass, too! :laugh:

You CAN, however, check out PASSPORTER.com for some great info from the authors.


Aw gimme a break!! :eek: When I used to sell on Ebay, I shipped an entire set of hardcover Lemony Snicket books (books 1-9) to a customer in Melbourne and the shipping only cost me $25 with insurance. Granted, that was the slowest shipping available, but you’d think they could do a little better than $57 for ONE BOOK! :dry:

I’m sorry, that is really a bummer!


Yes. People think we are nuts anyway with all of our Disney knowledge and stuff. We don’t care. Sometimes, one of us will pull our old passporters off thet shelf and reread our trip notes or look through some of the things we have kept in there. I still have not made our scrapbook from our last trip because we have no pictures(due to our camera being stolen on the last day of our trip). I will get around to doing something eventually, but for now we have our passporters.


I just ordered mine! :happy: $5.61 total - not too shabby! Thanks again for this great tip Kim!


Never have used it. Guess it’s time. Thanks for the heads up!


That’s how I got mine last year. It was a 2004 and I got it in mid to late 2005. But it was still pretty cool. I got the chance to see what the book was all about. It’s a steal for only $4…


I ordered mine a short while ago, and they listed only 40 left in stock. If you’re going to get one, now’s the time.


Whew, glad I ordered it today! Thanks Cavey.


I got mine…wooo hoooo!!!


I got mine a little over a week ago…it came FAST!! :whistling I was so excited to get it! :biggrin: Now I don’t have to wait to get my copy out of storage in Alaska…