1 TS or 2


I called on Saturday and made my ADR for my September trip. I booked Chef Mickey and was told it was a 1 TS meal. I said ‘Oh, I thought it was a 2 TS meal’ and she said nope, it’s a 1TS. We went through the same thing when I made a ressie for the Norway Princess breakfast at Epcot. Has something changed recently or should I assume they are 2TS. I don’t want to book more ADR and then end up having to pay OOP for them. Anyone know?


Only signature restaurants and Cinderella’s Royal Table require 2 TS. Akershus is 1 TS, as well as Chef Mickey’s. All character meals, excluding CRT, are 1 TS.


As far as I know, they are both 1 TS meals. The are only a few that are 2 TS.


Nope, they are both 1 TS and always have been since I’ve been going.


Once again I am amazed and the quickness of responses here. I bet I could ask anything WDW related and get an answer. Thanks guys : )


Your welcome! We are always here to help :heart: