$10 store?


I know I’ve seen this a few times around here but never can find it again when I’m ready to commit it to memory. Where and what is the name of the $10 Disney store in DTD? I was looking for perhaps some shirts to bring back with us for gifts.


I’m not familiar with that store…but I would be if someone else can clue us in.


yeah - it’s kind of difficult to describe - it’s not really a “store” - just an outdoor strip with an awning over it. It’s right opposite the Pin Trading Station, if you know where that is.


Oh, THAT store! I remember it now. Isn’t it next to the Disney “pet” store?


Yeah - it’s kinda “squished” in between a lot of stores.

Personally, I think this is one store that Disney should really expand. It’s always crowded with people. Not much you can get at WDW for less than $10.00. The kids “Grab Bags” are great.


We went to Branson, Mo. last week for a three-day vaca and there was a Disney outlet store at one of the Outlet Malls. Had some pretty good prices…


I don’t remember this “store” having t-shirts however. A lot of cute smaller things though. I got my car antenna topper there.


I remember it having alot of things like pens an stickers an really tiny teddies, no t-shirts that I can remember though, it really is a tiny place pretty much filled wuith jumbled up baskets, its good if you like to ‘dig’ for a bargain lol.


So it’s more of an outdoor market, not an actual shop? I plan to make use of thier prices for the kids when we do go, for thier shopping. They are not much for buying meaningful items. We took them to a local amusement park several months ago, and they bought candy & bags of rocks which they added to our sand box. I’d rather let them loose on a cheap shop like this one, than at an expensive place, since they will only pick small stuff.


It’s called Mickey’s Mart. It is kind of an alley between two buildings. It’s near the carousel. I think it’s next to Disney Tails.


Hey this sounds like it actually fits my budget! :laugh:


Yeah, it’s kind of like a Disney version of a dollar store. Except it is still Disney quality merchandise.


I want to check this out as well on our next trip.


I went to this store last year. I bought a lot of stuff. :laugh:


I have never seen this store. I guess I will have to make my way over to DTD on our next trip.


I believe it’s called the under $10 store or something like that. Me and DD loved this store last trip. they have $5 grab bags with tons of little things in it…well over $5 worth of WDW merchandise. We bought several of these and she took the pens and things out to give to her school friends when she got back from the trip. Worked out perfectly. We were able to get all of her friends two items each with three bags. My DD also kept some of the stuff for herself. I highly reccomend this store and the grab bags. Cheap things to grab for the kids. Half the fun is seeing what is in it once you buy it.


That is such a good idea for cheap souvineers for friends & family. I definetly think we’ll do that.


oooooo- a new tip~ cool!


I heard about the under $10 store. Miss SMIG and I are planning on doing a little shopping there. She will need gifts for her SMIG friends…

SHOPPING FOR THE SMIGS… SHOPPING FOR THE SMIGS… I’m going shopping for the SMIGS… and me tooo…


we went last year and got alot of cute magnets (sp?) there. I didn’t see t-shirts though… lots of pens and other cute small things!