10 Tackiest Ways to Get WDW Discounts


Don’t ask me why this list started in my head, but…

  1. Put a bottle in your 5yo’s mouth and stick him in a bassinet. Tell CM’s he weighed 24 lbs at birth.

  2. On your first day, get a job as a CM. Use CM discout. Call in sick every day of vacation, then quit.

  3. Have your healthy child apply to the Make-a-Wish foundation.

  4. Go to Florida a few days early and get a FL Drivers License to get the resident discount.

  5. Get a UPS truck and drive up to the back of MK. Once inside change clothes.

  6. Tell everyone you are DC’s DarthTortoise and watch CM’s grovel at you feet.

  7. Get CM costume. At the gate tell real CM’s it’s your first day and you’re lost.

  8. Buy a one day ticket. Hide in the castle at night.

  9. Skip the meal plan. Stand outside of restaurants with a sign “Will ride attractions for food.”

  10. [Insert anything you can think of here]


ROFL!!! You’re always so funny!

  1. Learn to play accordion - join Germany’s Om-pa-pa band


Once you are past the security check point, stuff your smallest child in the back of the stoller and cover with backpacks, camera bags, ect.


Not bad. You’d probably need to drug your child to make sure he doesn’t move or make any noise.


A little tap with a ballpien hammer works well. errrr… so I’ve heard


What kind of parents did you have? :eek:


my parents … yes… that’s good, Cavey. Yes THEY were the knock-'em-out type.


My favorite is number 6. XD

  1. Ask for a large water cup or paper bowl at any fast service rest. and fill it up with stuff from the condiment bar, making a salad (shredded lettuce, pickles, tomotoes, etc).

and YES, I DID see someone do this one time at the old Pinnochio’s (when they had the good hamburgers)

  1. Borrow Rowdy’s Goofy outfit and dance right through the main gates.


oh these are so funny!!! Cavey … you have a very interesting mind


So you are saying you saw someone do this? It’s funny how you said a cup or a paper towel, it makes me think you “saw” someone do this more than once! :tongue:

  1. Out fit the stroller like the Black Pearl; out fit the family in costumes from PoC; form a conga line and lead a ‘parade’ right in.


Wow Cavey you have a very interesting mind!! Kinda scary at times though!!! But those are great ways to get into disney!!!


This is so funny - wish I could think of one - it’s too early, haven’t finished my coffee yet! :pinch:


It was a family believe it or not. They had asked for water cups but I just added the bowls in there because it seems like it would have made more sesne. You think if they were going to steal from a condiment bar they would have been the type of people to carry bowls in their backbacks or something, haha.


Okay, I guess I’ll have to believe you then! :tongue:


These are too funny! I’m still thinking of one-not too quick on my feet this morning!


The “Get a FL license” one won’t work. You have to show proof of residency. I found that out when I moved here and went to apply for one! :tongue: