10 Year Old Ejected From Disneyland Tram?


On our local Miami news, they had a short report about an accident in Disneyland.
Of course they said it involved a tram inside the park. And we all know Disney doesn’t run trams inside the park. This was clearly a parking lot tram.
So what happened anyway? We know that all WDW trams have been fitted with doors and the same trams are in operation at Disneyland. We also know they constantly make announcements that parents need to sit outside and keep their kids in the middle of the seat.

So, how the heck did this kid manage to get thrown from the tram?
Did the parents not pay attention or not give a darn and let the kid sit outside. Did the CMs not notice as they did their safety check? Or did parents just allow the kid to bounce around out of control and this was the result?

Whatever the truth, look for Disney to get all of the blame and the parents none.


This is strange, a station in Phoenix has a link to raw helicopter footage of the trams that came from KNBC, but KNBC has no links. Neither the LA Times or the OC Register have any information. But NBC 6 in Miami ran the story with very few facts.


I can’t find anything about this in the news… I think most of the time accidents like this are always lack of parental control…sad whenever this happens regardless of how though…


True Disney does get blamed for most peoples unbelievably careless acts,and if he or she is the only one EJECTED,then something must be amiss,but time will tell on this one…


I have not heard anything about this, but it was interesting that I noticed that Disneyland was very strict about having to have a 14 year old on a ride with younger siblings. If you were younger than that- you had to have an adult. They were obsessed about it. Must be a California law, because it is not mentioned in FL.


Still radio silence on any new info.


You know something’s screwy when you do a Google search and the first link you come up with is your own thread on Mousebuzz.

There seems to be an active thread at Mice Chat on this, but beyond the original report that gave little information, it’s all speculation. Although, all speculation points to the same thing:
Kid on the outside, not middle. Kid playing with door. Kid opening door and falling. Bad parents!



Finally found a link, but not much info:



That was a huge pain for us this summer! I have a very responsible, very protective 12 year old who was more than willing to take his little sister on things like Gadget’s Go-Coaster, and couldn’t.


Yes- we had the same issues… Some of those rides in California Adventures were so slow, and my 13 and 11 years olds could not take the two year old on the ride-like the caterpillar train… ugh.