100K at Disney - amazing


Have you all seen this? If you go to the section “who be me” you can find out what this is all about. I find it really fun to watch.



100k? What buisness did HE start? And year at WDW? A YEAR?
Whoa - I have a new idol.


That is so amazing----Imagine being 19 and having $100k too spend at Disneyworld. {Sigh}


Wow, that is pretty amazing. I wish I could do that !


It’s so cool to watch! I was just there a few days ago myself!


100K at disney world isn’t exactly that hard…lol I could blow that in the gift shops if you give me a few days :angel:


Just going to WDW and staying in the top rooms you could go through 100k in a month easy. :smile: It would be so fun.


Pretty interesting!


Cool…wish I had the chance to blow that kind of money! :slight_smile:


Personally, I would love to imagine myself being 19 again! :wink: The charity that he wants to start sounds pretty cool…


Hey, I just “rode” Mission Space and I didn’t even feel sick!
Ingamba, you should have been there!


100k?! 19 years old?! What th’?!

Wow!!! Must be nice!! Still, if you’re gonna spend it somewhere, WDW is the best place to do it!!


Whose kid IS this???


Yeah, I “visit” him from time to time. It’s neat and I like that he’s doing it for charity. Why isn’t his cam on today? :frowning:


why can’t i see what you guys see…all i see is a silly cartoon…


Something is up. Maybe his lofty plan hit a snag.


I’ve been following his trip for a few weeks, I can’t imagine how fun that would be.