101 Dalmations


:wub: My daughter loves the 101 Dalmation movies, both live action and animation; we still have our old VHS tapes. I would love to buy them in the DVD format, but I could not find any release dates on the Disney web sites :mad: . Just wondering if any knew if either the live action or animated classic would be released in near future.


well, if you go to www.ultimatedisney.com, there is a list of the movies that are going to be released on DVD. i think, if i’m not mistaken, 101 dalmations is going to be a Platinum Edition, like cinderella and bambi, but it’s coming out sometime in 2007. i’m not 100% sure but this website is very helpful. go check it out.


I love 101 Dalmations to my absolute favorite movie with the best characters ;). I didn’t care for the non-animated ones though. And also, you should be able to find the non animated one for dvd at Hastings if you have a store like that near you. I know for sure that you would find 101 Dalmations II there at Hastings, because I’ve seen it. I don’t think they ever released dvd for the orginal animated one though. Hope that helps!