105 SSR points for rent use by Sept


I have 105 points that I HAVE to rent and they have to be used by the end of SEPT. I will take Pay Pal for $11 a point or if you pay with a cert check I will take $10 a point. These are NOT developer points- they can be used anywhere.
PM me if you are interested




I was reading your other thread and came over here to see the dates. Unfortunately, don’t have any time off until new years, or I would definitely be interested. Pixie dust on a fast rental!!!


You may want to try Craigslist. This may sound crazy but I rented points on CL for $13 per point and had many takers. I would be interested but I’m already booked and %75 paid for. Good luck to you!


just pm’ed you! :happy:


Does anyone know if you can by any chance add park tickets & dining when you buy points from a DVC member?


You can add dining easily. The person you rent the points from will add the dining plan to your reservation and then you pay for it when you get there. The tickets you buy from your lobby concierge once you check in.


thanks for the info! So…I don’t necessarily need to buy park tickets in order to get the dining plan? Or do I have to at least buy 1 park day/person like if I was to book a regular room? I already have non-expiring tix from a past trip.


No, through DVC you do not have to purchase tickets to get the DP. We rented last year and we got the dining plan that we paid for at check in and I purchased our tickets through Undercovertourist!!


DVC people can buy the dining plan without any tickets attached.


Right. I believe they do it this way since a lot DVCers purchase annual passes.


I would love to rent points, but with Free Dining, we can’t beat it. So POP it is for us…good luck WooHoo. My thoughts and prayers are with you.



I just wanted to repost as the friend of the family that was going to rent them from me has decided to go for Christmas and these points have to be used by the end of Sept- so they are back up for grabs-


Well, I thought I had them rented again… NOPE!
They are back up again - let me know if you want them -