11 days and counting!


11 days till my husband and I leave on our 13 day trip ,4 day cruise on Carnival and then 2 days at Universal and then 6 days at Disney! Any thoughts from people of things that we could do extra as this is out 10th trip to Disney. We love the parks but would like to maybe see things we haven’t seen at Disney. Anyone know of something that you wouldn’t normally do?


Did you ever think of taking some of the tours WDW has in their parks? When it’s just my Dh and myself we always try something new, this year we are going on the Wanyama Safari because we are staying at the AKL, and we are also doing the Around the World at Epcot, which is the Segway tour in Epcot. In the past we’ve done the Behind the Seeds Tour, fishing, watched sports at the ESPNWWOSC, if the MNSSHP is going on you could attend that. You could also try the Cirque du Soeil.

I hoped this helped