11 Days At Disney ...prayers


After spending 11 wonderful days at Disney with friends and family we flew home on the 7th and much to my shock and heartbreak we had LOST OUR CAMERA BETWEEN ORLANDO AIRPORT AND BLOOMINGTON ILL> AIRPORT . I am so upset and can’t even really grasp the concept that I will not have any pictures from this trip . I could care less about the new $300.00 camera they can have it . It is the sd card with all the memories on it of my 4 year old daughter on it that I want . I keep praying a nice honest person will turn it in . I have filed reports with all the airports we were at and with the airlines . Please pray with me …I know it is such a little thing with everything else going on in the world but it is alot to me and my family . Disney was WONDERFUL …such a great time . We had character dinners almost everyday so we had tons of photos . Almost 600 !! I am in tears just typing this at the thought of someone just picking it up and disregarding what means so much to me . Keeping my fingers crossed . Thanks …


That sounds so horrible.

Hope it shows up.


I am so sorry this happened to you. Pixiedust from me that an honest person will return it to you!


That is horrible. I do hope the person who found it does the right thing and returns it. Please let us know how it turns out.


Good luck, hopefully someone will turn it in.


Awe I am so sorry. I hope it turns up.


That is just awful to hear! Hopefully whoever finds it will at least be honest enough to turn in your memory card! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you too.


Prayers and pixie dust coming your way…:frostyang :frostyang :frostyang :frostyang

Hope you get your memory card and pictures (and camera would be nice, too) back soon.


Gosh…I got tears just reading this. I can tell from your screen name that you are a scrapbooker…and pictures are so important to everyone, but even more so to a scrapper! I REALLY hope that someone will turn in your camera AND memory card!!! Here come my prayers and pixie dust **********


That is terrible. PRAYERS AND PIXIE DUST


My heart goes out to you. On our last trip, our camera along with the 1400 pictures we had taken was stolen on Christmas Day at the MK. I know how heart breaking it is to lose the pictures of all the wonderful memories. I will definitely keep you in my prayers that someone will be kind enough to send you back the memory card at least.


I am so sorry! Like you, I would be heart broken. There are still a lot of honest people in the world, let’s hope someone finds it and turns it in.

Lots of Pixie Dust for you!!


Ouch! That is just terrible! Being a big picture taker too, I TOTALLY understand how upsetting that would be. :sad: I always say that no matter what I buy or bring home, the pictures are the most valuable thing. Pixie Dust to you… I REALLY hope it gets returned… pictures unharmed!


That is so horrible, i hope it turns up…i really feel for you


Add my name to the list of prayers coming your way. Keeping my fingers crossed too, and sending some pixie dust. That should cover it.


How horrible-prayers coming your way. Keep us posted!!!


Our hearts and prayers go out to you. That is a terrible loss.


My son had a nice camera stolen in WDW at a counter service resturant while he dumped trash. :mad: Not EVERYBODY at Disney feels the magic I guess…

We lost another in a rental car.

Always a bummer to loose all of those pictures! I think I should start taking the mem cards to Walgreens and make a CD and mail it to my self!


Im soooooo sorry… :crying:


That’s not a totally bad idea. Sorry you have lost two camera while at WDW…that is such a shame!