11/14/09 HS and MK


so i know it seems pretty lame to do trip reports for a one day gettaway, but we experienced ALOT and i took almost 200 pics so i had to share them with someone who cares :wub:
cast of characters:
Rose (3)
Kat aka “nina” (2)

since my retail job and our money situation make it uncertain when we’ll be able to go to disney again, i decided that i NEEDED to see the castle lights and the osbourne lights and hope i can get down there to see the candlelight processional before the holidays are over. i was going to spend the day at HS then go to MK after we saw the osbourne lights. But since DH couldn’t go and i was alone with the babies i thought MK would be a more logical choice to spend the bigger part of the day. we left about 7:30 am and arrived at 9:30 am (the fastest i’ve ever gotten there!!!) on the drive there i remembered about the tiana showboat and made that my MK priority. When i got there, it was AWFUL getting into the parking lot. it took me 15 minutes to get to my parking spot. apparently there was a golf tournament or something. i’ll break this down as i have a lot of pictures and plus i want to make it look like i was there more than a day lol :laugh:


I would be happy to hear about your one day trip and would love to see the pictures!


So we get to the MK via monorail and of course i was so excited to see the christmas decorations. Rose kept asking where all the pumpkins were. i really must admit though, i was somewhat underwhelmed but the decorations. i guess i was expecting more. it just seemed too much like the halloween ones but with christmas. does MK have a big tree??? i was surprised to not see one. :confused:
oh and when i pulled in i knew the place was going to be packed, but it really wasn’t it was pretty nice.
i didn’t really take too many of the decorations. i did want to get one of main street from the train platform, but the girls were being a little uncooperative.:glare:


so as we walk down main street, they had that little show with the trolley so we stopped to watch that. the girls absolutely loved it.:wub:
After the show, we went to the castle to take the obligatory castle picture. i had broken my camera last trip and lost the battery on ellen’s energy adventure :laugh: so i cashed in the warranty plan i bought and ended up with a 10 megapixel instead of my old 8. so i am so happy with the way the castle pics turned out!:wub:


we started to head over to adventureland but rose really wanted to ride the dumbos. so we headed over that way. we got to the dumbos and the wait really wasnt’ that horrendouse. the sign said 30 mins but i think we were there 20 mins tops. that left us plenty of time to hit the carrosel and it’s a small world. i know this is going to sound very undisney of me but, i hate that ride and i hate that rose loves it :pinch: sorry walt! but i would LOVE to try the DL version of it! i asked the girls if they wanted to ride snow white since it had a short wait, but neither of them wanted to. so after it’s a small world we went to liberty square to find the princess and the frog characters with no luck.


we couldn’t find any character from princess and the frog in liberty square. i’m guessing it’s because the show was going to start soon. i think most of my pictures were of this. it was hard to get a good shot because of the farness of the boat. i was a little peeved because we had a nice shady spot picked out for the show when a CM came by and told us that we’d get a better view further down. we went exactly where he told us and we ended up not being able to see the bad guy at all. had we stayed put, we would have been able to see everything. rose also had to go potty right as everything was started. :pinch: me being a bad parent asked her if she could hold it as i really wanted to see the show. well thanks goodness i put a pull up on her just in case we got caught somewhere where there wasn’t a bathroom close by. the show was cute. i think there’s so much more they could do with it though. i bet the DL version is going to be AMAZING! this is definitely something to see, but don’t plan your day around it. (and if your kid has to pee, don’t feel too bad about taking them):laugh:
The songs were really catchy, and the costumes really colorful. i loved how they got the guests that got to be on the boat involved. i took a TON of pictures so bear with me!!!


I took a bunch more but they all pretty much look the same :laugh:


After the show was over i was planning on hanging out to try and meet tianna and then head over hollywood studios, but rose said she didn’t like that movie and wanted to ride the “people mover”. She enjoyed the showboat jubillee but the TTA WAS her favorite ride ever until yesterday…

We get to the TTA and as we were getting in line we heard someone ask the CM at the turnstile if space mountain was opened. i was expecting to hear “no” but the CM said “you should go over and check it out, i think they’re letting some people on”. :biggrin: i looked to my side and not kidding you there was a line going from space mountain to right behind the elevators for the astro orbiter. :eek: i posted a picture in the space mountain open thread. i was secretly angry at my husband for not going with us so i could ride lol. but in reality, that line was soooo long it would have ruined our whole day waiting in it. so i got over it really quickly. i think tommorrowland is looking so nice now! especially at night. although they really need to ditch that stitch stage. it looks awkward.

we rode the tta and much to my disappointment, rose said she didn’t like it because it was too dark and scary.:ohmy: i really hope they put some lights or something in the space mountain part of it. it is REALLY dark. and i love the TTA when i’m tired so it would stink if we can’t go on it because the girls are too scared.:crying:

so my tta photos stink since i too busy trying to keep nina from walking around on it and posting space mountain updates here! :laugh:


aww cool thanks :wub:


so after the tta, we hit the monorail back to the parking lot and drove over to HS. it’s just too hard to do busses alone with a double stroller, plus the weather went from being slightly chilly in the morning, to really warm so i wanted to ditch the girl’s jackets in my car. we got there and the first thing we did was go and take pictures of the christmas tree out front. it was HUGE!!! rose was obsessed with the santa heads in it. a little creepy kinda!


when we got into HS. the first thing we hit was playhouse disney. the girls for the most part were being really good so i wanted to do things they would enjoy. they were definitely more into the show than they have ever been before. afterwards we met handy manny.


after playhouse disney, we went to see the incredibles, up characters, and sorcerer mickey. i’ve always known they were here, but could never find them. finally i swallowed my pride and aske a cm. we walked in and i almost litterally ran into mrs. incredible as she was leaving. it looked like she went into a bathroom!! frozone was out so we stopped to take a pic with him which is cool because i think he’s my fave of the characters. rose saw the up characters and REALLY wanted to see them. i wanted to take them to see mickey first because i had these cute minnie ear clips for nina and i didn’t want her to rip them out before we saw mickey. she did anyways. oh well!!! after that we saw the up characters. i STILL haven’t seen the movie but we definitely need to!!! there was hand sanitizer everywhere so i applaud disney on that move!!!
after meeting the characters, we played with the neat stuff there then headed out.


after the animation place we went to the abc commisary to eat. i brought the girls food and bought myself an overpriced and overcooked cheeseburger. after we ate we pretty much walked around to kill time before the osbourne lights. we ended up meeting Sully, and then Sully and Mike. Rose wanted to play with the christmas carol stuff they had there. she probably could have spent all night there. someone had offered their fast passes for toy story to us but the return time was later than we were planning on staying. i took rose potty then we headed to wait for the osbourne lights (that last pic of her cracks me up)!


we get to the backlot and the power rangers are. rose had a fantastic time meeting them. i left nina in her stroller because it was starting to get crowded and once you take her out, she’s tough to get back in. i’ve never stopped to see the pwer rangers before because i could really care less about them, but they were actually really fun. they would pose the kids and then take pic with them. rose was so cute when we got to the red ranger. she was like “wow he’s REALLY tall” to EVERYONE then she looked up at him and said “do you know you are very tall?” it was really cute!


well the girls are awake so i will speed this up. we saw the osbourne lights and they were so spectacular. i was planning on liking them but not being blown away based on picutres my friends have. well they were mind blowing!!! and we ended up going to see the castle lights afterwards and after seeing osbourne’s well they were pretty but didn’t make me all teary eyed and sappy like the osbournes did. here are some pics!


i just absolutely loved these lights:wub:


everyone should experience these lights!!!


and finally the castle lit up and tinkerbell. it was SOOOOOO crowded at the MK. it took me over an hour to get to my car. apparently everyone from the golf tourney came to MK.


thanks for looking and reading!!!


Awesome one day TR!! I can’t wait to see the lights again, they are just AWESOME!!! :wub: