12 Year old Boy Dies at Disney's Rock and Roller Coaster (Oh no! Not again!)


Disney could not be reached for comment, and few details were available.

The boy was unresponsive in his seat at the end of the Rock ‘N’ Roller coaster ride, said Terry McElroy of the Florida Department of Agriculture, which regulates the industry.

The boy was given CPR and taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Authorities don’t know at this time if he was riding by himself or with family members.

The incident occurred at 11:30 a.m. Disney reported the accident to Florida police at 1 p.m.

Disney shut down the ride and an inspector was on site to observe the Disney investigation. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office is conducting an investigation as well.

Disney boasts of the ride on its Web site, “Zoom from 0-60 mph with the force of a supersonic F-14, take in high-speed loops and turns synchronized to a specially recorded Aerosmith soundtrack and zip through Tinseltown in the biggest, loudest limo you’ve ever seen.”

One month ago, another child died on the Disney ride “Mission Space” at the Epcot Center.

This is sad…


While most facts are unknown, a 12 year old boy has died after riding Rock and Roller Coaster this morning. Please let’s not rush to judgement of thrill rides again. When everything is known, I would be surprised if the boy didn’t have some sort of underlying health issue that nobody was aware of.
My condolences to his family and friends and to those who rode and witnessed this first hand.


When was this? That Mission space thing was quite some time ago.


"In the past year, two people died shortly after riding Mission: Space at Epcot. On June 13, 2005, Daudi Bamuwamye, 4, died after going on the ride. An autopsy found he had a pre-existing heart condition.

On April 12, 2006, a 49-year-old woman visiting from Germany died one day after riding Mission: Space."
Not last month, last year. Officially RnRCoaster only launches at 57 mph, not 60. Compared to a real carrier cat shot, this is nothing. I’ve ridden a coaster that shoots you at 120, and compared to that, RnRCoaster is mildly more accelerating than dragging with someone from a green light. I’ll bet there’s an underlying health issue here too.


Is this recently? I have never heard about this which leads me to think it just happened, but didn’t the boy who dies on M:S happen a while ago?


Oh dear God…I have no judgements to make. Only sorrow and symapthy for the parents of that boy…my DD is 12…I can’t even imagine.:frown:


Oh!!! SoundGod you were answering the question when I sent my reply!


Terrible news…my prayers go out to his family…


My symapthies to the parents of this boy. I will hold all opinions and judgements until the final report is issued.


It is so tragic. I hate hearing these things! Love and prayers to the family.


you never want to hear about these type of things. it just makes you feel nothing but pitty and sorrow for the family…


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Absolutely. I don’t think anyone would put a child on a ride knowing something like this would happen. I am sure they are terribly heartbroken. This is a horible tragedy, my prayers are with them now.


Today. Just came acrosss the AP Wire.


my condolenses to the family. as a parent, these stories really hit home


So sad.

But seriously, why would it take 1 1/2 hrs to report it to police? You would think with the track record going, that would be an immediate call…

(And no, I’m not trying to start stuff, it’s just an observation.)


That is horrible!! Here is the link to the story. I want to know more!!

The Daily Star - Online Edition


Wow! I wonder what this one is all about. I know a woman who told me her husband was involved with the testing of RnRC before it was opened. She said they put tennis balls on the seats and ran the cars through. It wasn’t ready for people until the tennis balls came through the ride still in the seat at the end of the ride.

I can’t imagine what could have caused this awful accident.


this is the article:

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) – A boy died after riding a roller coaster Thursday at the Disney MGM theme park, the Orange County sheriff’s office said.
The Orange County sheriff’s office said the boy was 7, but Disney said he was 12. The discrepancy couldn’t immediately be explained. He died after he was brought by ambulance to a hospital at about 11:30 a.m., a Disney statement said.
Sheriff’s spokesman Jim Solomons said the cause of death was not immediately known.
Park officials closed the ride and said a preliminary investigation showed the ride was operating normally.
A Disney Web site description of the ride says: “Zoom from 0-60 mph with the force of a supersonic F-14, take in high-speed loops and turns synchronized to a specially recorded Aerosmith soundtrack.”
Two other people have died after going on another Disney ride: Epcot’s “Mission: Space.” The space simulator spins riders in a centrifuge that subjects them to twice the normal force of gravity.
Daudi Bamuwamye, 4, of Sellersville, Pa., died June 13, 2005. An autopsy determined he died of an irregular heartbeat linked to an abnormal thickening of the heart muscle that can cause sudden death.
In April, a 49-year-old woman from Germany became ill and died after the ride. A medical examiner’s report said she died from bleeding of the brain and had severe high blood pressure.
The ride has signs warning people with heart, back and neck problems not to ride. Epcot now offers a tamer version of the ride that does not include centrifugal force.
Disney MGM is among the Walt Disney Co.'s four parks in Florida.


Rides (not necessarily WDW rides —pls don’t bash me) but rides in general & even other amusement park attractions scare/worry me more now than they used to.

Last weekend, we were in Wild Adventures in Valdosta riding the ‘Boomerang’, a roller coaster that pulls you up high, then shoots the cars through loops like a sling shot and then does it again backwards. There was a boy of about 12 behind me and his brothers were apparently in the car in front of us. As we were at the top of ‘slingshot’, he started screaming that his restraint was not buckled. At first I thought he was trying to scare his big brothers, but then he started screaming hysterically and crying. But it was too late to stop the ride— we were at the top and only had one or two seconds left before it ‘shot’ us into the loops upside down! I thought I was gonna have a heart attack for the boy as he kept screaming “I can’t hold it anymore…i’m not buckled… I can’t hold it no more!” But there was nothing I could have done at that point. I never found out whether he was serious, or whether his restraint was just a little loose, or whether he was just acting stupid. But it scared me regardless. And at least all of us got off the ride alive.

And Thursday we were in the Typhoon Lagoon wave pool… that thing is dangerous! It is only a matter of a time before they report a serious injury there.

Maybe I am getting older, but these things scare me more now. And I am really sad for this boy’s family.:sad: