14 days why arent i excited.?


ok we have 14 days until we leave… my dh decided he did not want to fly so we are driving… … the problem is usually I’m ready to explode by now… this time not so much… we had to down grade to pop from riverside… but i like POP and we got to stay an extra night… so that is great. 8 nights we get to do the mickey Christmas and will be there for two days of the food and wine… all great but I just cant seem to get excited . I want to go work has been horrible and after my surgery I need a vacation … all i can seem to think about is how much work i have to do before i go and how much will be here when i get back… so my MB friends give me some advice… DH is and my DD is … she is going to get to see some of her friends she worked with…


Economy, job, health… not suprising. But when you get there, you’ll get lost in it. Relax and enjoy. Sounds like you have no expectations accept to get away so kick back and take it all in.


I understand how you feel. I get so stressed before trips that I really don’t enjoy the two weeks before we leave. I always think of dozens of things that could go wrong and it sucks the fun out of it. I decided this past summer I wouldn’t stress about anything and several things went wrong right before we left. Don’t worry about getting excited, it will happen once you’re on your way.


Hang in there, focus on what you need to get done… do not worry about what is going to happen when you get back. You are overlooking the rest, fun, and excitement that you will have before all of that.
Plus, on the drive you will have a great time thinking about what you get to do at WDW… Driving is fun for us- we talk about what we are going to do when we are there… plan activities, etc… You will have plenty of time to get excited when you are on the way…

Just focus on getting work out of the way right now, and you will feel better when you get on the road. Hang in there!


thanks all. we have had to reschedule this twice once for my surgery and once for money. I am afraid something will go wrong but you are right. I realllllly need a vacation so I have to chill out.


Try not too stress to much, I know it’s always easier said than done.
Just think of all the wonderful memories you’re going to make with your family:mickey:
I’ve learned a lot over this past summer about stressing out about the stuff life that I just can’t control. In the end it all seems to work its self out, some how. Go and have fun life’s too short :wink:!


this not dress rehearsal,enjoy…whatever you face when you get back will be nothing compared to the memories…enjoy, life is truly short…


i know how you feel - i had to make a rule for myself - i get one call to the office first theing in the morning - I can check email and bank via blackberry - and I will ask my clerks to do as much as possible via text - only calls i will make are to customers.

i stress to the max before i leave - i look for every possible reason someone would need to call me and try to handle it pre-trip. it can be exhausting.

my last trip - my clerks limited me to one text in the morning - and only responsive texts to cant wait issues (which was only one). they have helped me alot getting over the panic of leaving work by taking up the slack.

but excitement really goes away the weeks leading up to trip and doesnt return really until i get out of my home state of MS - once I cross the state line I start getting excited - and I ALWAYS leave on a Friday so i can 2 or 3 days not even worrying about what is going on at work.


I know how you feel. Last trip I felt that way. It’s like you plan and plan and when the trip arrives, it’s “I’m not ready to go” yet feeling. But once we hit the airport, I was ready. In your case of driving, I’d get some books from the library on disney to read on the way down. Unless you get carsick from reading in the car, in that case, never mind. :laugh:


We leave on Saturday and the last week or so I have not been excited. I think because I am trying to get everything packed and everything at work finished up too. My stress level feels off the charts right now. Tying to remember everything we may need for whatever scenario may arise has my mind spinning. DH said last night “I told you you would be stressed and in a bad mood the week before we leave” I hate to admit when he is right. I expect that I will feel better Friday night when everything is done.


When I start feeling that way I get out the photo albums of last trips, read previous trip reports and watch the Disney DVD. It seems to always get me excited again. Plus my kids get so excited that they are contagious. My 3 year old DS has been telling every body this week that November is soon and he is going to see Mickey. We leave in 3 weeks from tomorrow.


(Yoda voice) ENJOY you will…you will (/Yoda voice)


Is that maybe because we don’t treat it as a “once in a lifetime” experience anymore?
Just look at how many times we have all been there.

You know that you’ll enjoy each and every minute. Let the troubling feeling go and have some tea. Sit back. Relax (work will not walk away if you do) And imagine your favorite thing at WDW :wink:


I’m sure the magic will hit you sooner or later!! Just so you know…I’m excited for you!!

I hope you have a GREAT vacation, and you get the much needed relaxation and fun time!!


This is probably why you can’t get excited. In the back of your mind, you probably don’t think you’re REALLY going. I think the excitement will kick in once you’re leaving and you realize that YES you are actually going this time!!


Don’t worry we always stress before we go about work, the house, did I pack this. But once we leave there are no worries just excitment.


you are all very wise… It just seems it gets harder have fun. plus with the economy and my company just got bought out … we are all worried. which is why DH and I figured we better go while we can next year may not look as good. i will just keep repeating I will relax. i will relax I will relax.


I think you have just had to deal with so much lately that I guess with the change from Flying to driving and the change in resort also has turned the usual magical trip into 2 more things that arent quite so perfect maybe? Just keep your chin up hun and remember that even if you squabble on the drive down eventually you will be in the most magical place in the world with your loved ones. Put all the pooh aside and enjoy a well earnt break xx lots of love


thanks :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:love u guys lots. we got our reservation stuff today… the confirmation. we had it on line but getting it in the mail made it more real… it helped …


Yes try and relax, I get really stressed before we take a vacation and have spent countless hours planning everything before we go. Checking this, double checking that… gets everyone annoyed with me. On the flip side researching Disney 2 weeks before we go always got me in the mood. Just think of all the things you are going to do and see. Trust me it will hit you and you will feel great. Step back and take a breath… and just smile. Oh yeah, think of all of the people here (including myself) who won’t be returning for a few years. We are JEALOUS…

Have a great trip, and fill us in when you get back.