15-day Weather Forecast


Hey all:

I can’t quite use this because I’m 19 days out, but for anyone who’s 15 days or less…


This points to the Kissimmee observations, which most closely resembles actual conditions/forecasts for the parks. I’ve generally found Lake Buena Vista and Orlando to be off a few degrees and off with precip…


That is actually a cool site. I use this for any trip I am taking. I just used it for my September Vegas trip and it was spot on!

Lisa :mickey:


Cool thanks MM.


Thanks! There’s just one day of possible rain, and although I’d like it to be 75-80 degrees, I’ll take 60-75! Its better than 20 degrees with snow! It was so gray today. The sunshine will be wellcomed!


Cool! Thanks for the link Matt. Now, I can take a peek to see how nice it is at WDW while I’m stuck here in Jersey counting the days till my next trip…lol :wink:


Have you all heard about the tropical storm headed my way?


I know!! Can you believe it. Another one!! :pinch:


Hmmmm… I’m hoping everyone’s pixie dust has helped…

The forecast seems to be a bit dryer… and a tad bit warmer too!!!

I wish there was a fingers crossed Smiley :mickey: