$15 million dollars!


[B]Disney pulls $15 million permit for Little Mermaid ride[/B]

Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World — posted by jason garcia on June, 21 2010 2:59 PM

Walt Disney World has pulled a $15 million building permit to construct the Journey of the Little Mermaid, the Little Mermaid-themed dark ride at the center of the Magic Kingdom’s sweeping Fantasyland expansion.

The permit, which was issued by the Reedy Creek Improvement District in early March, covers design and construction work. Reedy Creek puts the value of the work covered by the permit at $15.4 million.

The district has also issued at least two other permits related to the Little Mermaid ride, one for a backstage employee sidewalk and another to relocate existing lighting.

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so disney pays itself …not bad


The permit didn’t cost $15 million. It’s going to cost $15 million to build the ride.


disney is reedy creek …they still are paying themselves


Yeah, yeah, Reedy Creek Improvement District is Disney and the head of the commission is the mayor of Disneyworld.


disney brought the idea about using disney money exclusively …if you get a chance look up script …communities in the past used script to fight high taxes


WOW! I love that they are putting all this money into the magic.:heart:


Me too . . . it’s looking so sad right now, I can’t wait until they start opening some of the stages.


Knowing how they make “Magic” … The new additions will look as if they spent Billions.
I also look forward to the $20 BEERS:wink: (not at MK of course!!!)


I’m so excited for this expansion I can’t even describe it! haha. Fantasyland is such an important staple of MK that I know it’s going to exceed all of our expectations! :happy:


I agree StacyDarling


I’m so excited to see this come together, it’s a much needed improvement.


I can’t wait for it to finally feel like a fantasy land when you walk through it! Very excited for this! :laugh:


I can’t wait!