15th Anniversary


Did anyone else receive their DVC anniversary gift? Yesterday I was surprised and happy to see a package at my door from DVC. It was a box with pop up candles that read…Pull here and make a wish. Inside was a beautiful canvas of Mickey Mouse holding a key to the resorts in front of a gate with all the DVC buildings behind it. I love it and immediately hung it at the bottom of my stairs so every morning when I wake up and come down from breakfast I will be greeted by my favorite place.


What a cool gift! Congrats to you and the other DVCers who recieve one.


I read about this on another board but we have not received ours yet. Does every DVC owner get this gift or is for a select group?


Tinkerbella, thanks for sharing the news!

I, too, read about the surprise on another board, gcbdad, and the suspense was “killing” me because those who had already received it didn’t say what it was (They didn’t want to spoil the surprise.)

Anyway, the rumor is that all DVC members will receive the surprise. I think it arrives with our 2007 Points Guide. I know from previous years that DVC guides are sent out over a few weeks so, hopefully, ours will be arriving soon, too.


Sorry I wasn’t really thinking I am not a fan of surprises myself and the suspense would have killed me too!! I am sorry to anyone that wanted it to be a surprise. I just wanted to share the info with someone. Some of my family thinks I am a bit crazy with my Disney obsession.
Sorry again.

PS If you want to see a photo of it I can share it with you
It is the background on my computer.


Tinkerbella, as I mentioned, I am wicked glad that you posted the info! No “sorry” necessary. Thanks!


does the DVC send gifts every year to everyone?


No, chris24, occasionally, members receive a gift, but it is not often.

Members do receive a member packet each year that usually includes a catalog/magazine and details the points needed at each of the DVC properties for visits according to the season (points chart.)


Awesome! You should post a picture of it!


Love the “wicked” I am from NH.


:slight_smile: Quincy, MA


My cousin used to live in Quincy. I used to represent radio station in Boston! (WBCN, WZLX, WODS, WBZ)


thank you. i was told when we signed up that the points pretty much stay the same. is this correct?


It’s their 15th Anniversary so I think that’s why they sent gifts out. Although, I didn’t receive one :crying:


how rude of them. 15 years??? i didn’t realize the DVC has been around that long…


Because I am such a pain (:angel:) I just called member services and asked about them. :laugh: She said they were/are being sent out staggered through bulk mail so some people may have gotten them already & some may not have. She said if you don’t receive one within the next couple weeks just call and remind them and they will send you a special 15th anniversary gift. Nice :smile:


i was told when we signed up that the points pretty much stay the same. is this correct?

Almost, but not exactly true. There is some sort of formula for the points. I think it is Disney can change the points per night, but if they increase a specific night they must decrease another so that the total points needed for a week do not change.

I know that it is detailed somewhere, but I just can’t recollect the exact spot right now.:huh:


There is a new 15 years of DVC sign up on the tower in front of OKW that went up on Saturday right before we left. I had already packed the camera, so I couldn’t get a picture of it. We did see a bunch of smaller signage (15 Years of DVC) all around the resort over the last few days of our trip.


i just received mine on saturday. we hung ours up in the family room. it is nice to see that the points for the DVC did not change from this year (unless i missed one where it did)

really nice canvas though…i was very surprised to get one, being i have been in the DVC for just under a year.


How long before we see somebody selling the gift on e-bay :angry:

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