17 Days away and it might not happen!


So our annual week before Thanksgiving trip is just a short ways away and it is looking more and more like it is not going to happen. :crying: Long story short… My Father In Law and husband own their own A/C and Heating business and they are the only technicians in the business. The other two employees are myself and my Mother In Law. So… FIL has been having some health issues and needs to have a “procedure” on a not too pleasant area and will be out of work for at least 6-8 weeks. Which means that DH will be the only one working for a while. This has rapidly become a very neccessary procedure and needs to happen as soon as possible. So… right now it is scheduled for December 7…but… he goes back to the doctor in the next few days and will find out if it needs to be moved up. I really don’t think we are going to get to go and will have to re-book for sometime after the first of the year.:crying: Please send Pixie Dust our way!!! If not for the trip happening then for FIL that all will go well with surgery and recovery! If the trip doesn’t work out it will be for a good reason…but I am so sad that we might not get to go! I hope that doesn’t sound selfish! I am not in anyway choosing WDW over my FIL… I really want him to be okay and whatever is best for him I am on board with.


Much pixie dust for your FIL and for all of you!!


oyevey, you have a dilemma on your hands. Here is all the pixie dust you’ll need to make FIL better, to work out that trip situation and for a Happy Thanksgiving :wink:


Hoping your FIL gets healthy real quick… pixie dust…


Ooo, tons of pixie dust that everything turns out ok on both accounts! :heart:


My best thought are with you all. Hoping that you get to go on your trip and hoping that everything with your FIL goes well.


oh, pixie dust is in the air!! hope your FIL is well, and the procedure can wait until after your trip!!


Pixie dust coming your way for a speedy recovery for FIL and that your WDW plans will all work out.

Good luck!


Good luck and hang in there, remember Disney never gets worse it gets better allof the time. So you’ll have just a bit more to look forward to if you re-schedule…hey if you reschedule you have a little more time/money to get more…add a 3-day cruise to your trip, that way it will be worth the wait for the treat. I hope you FIL gets better soon!


That’a a good idea!!! Except DH won’t get on a boat he can’t fish from! :laugh:

That’s the way I will have to look at it. More time to save and maybe a longer trip in February…


Hope all goes well for FIL. Whenever your trip comes together, I’m sure it will be fabulous!


I hope things work out the best for all of you.


Best wishes to your FIL. Hope all goes well for him and the rest of the family.


Sending you tons of pixie dust, hope everything works out.


Oh Erin, I hope it all works out for you guys! I’ll have your FIL in my prayers and let us know how it goes.

I have still not talked Jason into the Thanksgiving trip (I’m still trying) so we may both have to wait until early 2008. :crying: But it’ll be okay!!


Sorry to hear aobut your problem

By the wya, i am planning to go for an interview in December for a job in WDW

Any suggestions about h ow to conduct myself at the interview?

Princess Ann:


Best of luck to your FIL and we all spreading tons of Pixie Dust for all of you.
Whenever you get to go it will be fun and something to look forward too


Wishing you all the best, FIL will be in my prayers, and much pixie dust to you and yours. Lynn


loads and loads and loads of pixie dust for you!!! I know how disappointing it is when you’re looking forward to something-you’re not being selfish at all. Prayers for your fil for a speedy recovery and not having the surgery pushed ahead. I could go for you if need be…:laugh:


From one Erin to another…I send all the pixie dust I can your way to make everything be AOK! I really didn’t mean to make that rhyme that much lol