18 days and a wake up!


Finally made it into the teens for the countdown and can’t wait!!! AKV here we come…:pirate:


Please let me know how it is, we are staying their in January. Have fun.


Will do…haven’t written a trip report before but will do my best as soon as we return.


18 and counting for me too at the Beach Club (4th to 12th)

Let’s compare notes when it’s all over


I’m at 12 days now, and I can’t wait! Wilderness lodge, here I come!


We visited the WL the last time we visited WDW but never stayed there. How is it? I love the fireplace.


The Lodge is a terrific resort. The theme really sets it apart(though I’ve heard similar things about AK, which features live animals along with a great theme) – the fireplace, the spring that runs from the lobby into the pool in the courtyard, and the working geyser, of course! I also like having the boat launch to MK, it’s such a relaxing way to travel. I love Whipering Canyon, it’s such a fun place to eat. it’s nice,too, that it’s essentially a single building and so compact, not sprawling like some other resorts,where there’s a lot more walking to get from one place to another. The only negatives I can say is that the rooms are not as big as the other deluxe reorts, and Roaring Forks is a little small for the volume of people it has to accomodate(especially for breakfast). But those are very minor complaints(in fact, that’s not so much a problem for me, as it is for people with families). So I strongly recommend it, because, as one of the least expensive deluxe resorts, I think it’s a great value.:happy:


[QUOTE=DonnyD;1004960]18 and counting for me too at the Beach Club (4th to 12th)

Let’s compare notes when it’s all over[/QUOTE]

Will do! Enjoy your time there…I can’t wait for the MVMCP!!! Any idea on what to expect for crowds this time of year? I’m still seeing commercials offering special rates so it seems they’re really pushing for people to book a package. Don’t recall seeing those this late in the year. Anywhooo…fun either way!


Thanks I’ll have to try it - DH likes the western feel of it