18 month old on Dining Plan


Question - I have an 18 month old, is she included in the dining plan even if we didn’t have to pay for her becuase she’s under 3 years old?


She can eat off your plate (or even get her own plate) at buffet or family style meals but you will have to pay for anything you order off a menu.


She has to eat off your plate (if its a plated dinner). Otherwise kids under 3 are free at buffets.


There will be so much food you won’t even worry about it. Just slide her one of your appetizers…


That’s for sure. There is so much food, two adults can share some meals!

We’re making sure to get in one more trip before baby boy turns 3 next March.


My boy (17 months during our last trip) had plenty to eat off our plates, but we did have one problem at Hollywood and Vine. We went and got my son a few things off the buffet, at the end of the meal he was charged for a dinner too. When we tried to explain that he was only 17 months old to our waitress who said “no one eats free here” this was a huge problem for us…I mean he was only 17 months old and only ate a couple things. It was eventually resolved, but only after our server was very upset with us. In fact, we were charged for our son twice during our trip, but the first time our server was so nice and corrected it. Just make sure you check your receipt!!! Anyways, you will have plenty to eat and share!!


The server got upset???

I don’t know any restaraunt anywhere that would charge for a child under the age of two! Totally ridiculous.


Cavey I know it sound weird, but it is true. I have been a server and then a manager for a national amusement park before. The only thing I can think is that because of the DDP she would have gotten a tip for him that was guaranteed. Sad to say, but servers will do anything for a tip especially if it was almost guaranteed!


That CM should not have gotten upset - how rude! :mad:


We had no problems when DD was about the same age last trip. She shared all our buffet meals and we were never charged. On the occasions we had a plated dinner, we would usually buy her a little something on the side. The mac and cheese kids meals, which are available almost everywhere, became very popular in our trip!


Thanks for the advice. I’m so excited to go now!! Cant’s wait!:mickey:


LIke above u have to share if its a plated meal… buffett can have own…


Just let him eat off your plate. Trust me, you will be eating so much food, you will have plenty to spare. My family is full of big eaters and we did the dining plan with our 22 month old and all was well. I even gained 7lbs that trip, so obviously I wasn’t starving:)