18 year old daughter


Just booked a trip in August for her graduation. The CM that took the res said they would do something to celabrate. She can be REALLY funny about that stuff. Anyone know what they do?


I’m guessing it would range from nothing to some balloons and a card left in the room to a birthday pin in your welcome packet. I wouldn’t expect anything so it something does happen it will be extra special.


I’ve had the pleasure of having 2 18 year old girls -only 18 months apart.:pinch: I don’t think you have to worry - they won’t do anything to embarrass them. As DT said, probably balloons in the room or something.


Our daughter was weeks from her 18th birthday on our last trip this past Dec. I told reservations when I booked we were celebrating her graduation. At check in they gave her a button, she refused to wear it. At Cape May Cafe the CM announced to the restaurant that she was celebrating her graduation. He called her Sharon, her name is Shannon. She kicked me under the table. She did eat the special dessert that was given to her though. At Tony’s Town Square they decorated the table with Mickey Head confetti and streamers, which she promptly cleaned off the table by the time our server came to the table. The servers reaction was priceless. Very confused, stating that she thought she decorated the table and asking what happened. I apologized to the girl and explained the situation in embarrassment. Shannon didn’t like being the center of attention and I will never do that again!


Holy Moly, I better not tell them my dd just turned 10 before our trip in June. She’d kill me. Meanwhile I’d be living it up enjoying the extra food coming my way. :laugh: Then again…I could tell them mine and dh’s anni is coming up…dh would shoot me…but I’d love to see his reaction if they did anything for us. :biggrin:


Make sure she wears her Birthday pin. I wore one last year and everyone wishes you a happy birthday. Some of the sweet shops and snack carts will give you a little treat. Our DDs, 11 and 14, thought it was fun to benefit from my birthday. They will also so the same for Anniversaries. Let them now when you book your dining, they will put confetti and streamers on the table. When we went to the Castlel for breakfast during our 20th Ann., they had streamers, confetti and gave us champagne flutes. That was a surpirse.
We still have them sitting on our mantle with the confetti in them, we will be celebrating our25th on our June trip. Every year since our honeymoon has been a different experience but always magical.


We’ve gotten birthday badges that were waiting for us at check-in, and birthday cards in the room!


It definitely depends on the kid. My girls morph into little kids at WDW - and allow things they’d never allow here at home. My oldest - a law student who think she knows it all - happily wears Stitch ears at WDW. And they’d probably love balloons and buttons, etc. However - you know your daughter best - if it’s going to upset or embarrass her, call Disney and make sure there’s no overt celebrations. What’s the point of upsetting her and putting a damper on your trip?


Your gang sounds like my gang. I got a bunch of ‘hams’.

They get that from their mother.


On our last anni in Oct when we checked in at the Poly they gave us a button and a card. It was a downgraded version from the one we’d gotten on our 5th, but it was still acknowledgement. However we’d booked an anni b’fast at Kona, notified CM of actual date upon booking, even wore our buttons. Server said “Happy Anniversary”. Same thing we’d heard in the parks all week. Maybe it’d gotten overshadowed by the year of celebration and everyone having something but moral of the story is sometimes they may go all out and sometimes they don’t, so don’t sweat it.


She can handle balloons or a card in the room. Probablly be OK if the CM gives her a pin or something at check in(might wear it , might not). I would get pummeled if they decorated the table for dinner. I think I will let it ride and just not say or plan anything with our ADR’s. Thanks everybody!!


I went to WDW with 3 friends to celebrate our graduations. We were really excited and would have loved a big deal made over the occasion, but we were just handed “I’m Celebrating!” buttons at check-in. Nothing else happened during the trip.

I would echo everyone else’s suggestions and say call them if you’re really concerned about them doing something special. You never know when a CM might decide to go all out and make a magical moment for you, which in this case sounds like it would make the moment UNmagical.


[QUOTE=Boss Mouse;1019841]Your gang sounds like my gang. I got a bunch of ‘hams’.

They get that from their mother.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, sure, that’s where they get it from…:glare:


We celebrated our 30th ALL year.

We got as little as pins at registration, a card from Mickey, to a cake at dinner one night on the DCL cruise. The cruise was the only thing where they made more of a big thing of it, and it was fun.


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As weird as this is to say, we’re on our 1st anni being married. Going on 13 yrs together, but didn’t get married until July 4th, 2009. :happy:

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I wonder how many cards and pins they have given away with the “What Will You Celebrate” promotion!


We go every year for our anniversary and they have always been great. From strawberries and champagne in the room to signed pictures from Mickey/Minney, to a free upgrade to a park view room one year, to the confetti and a customized menu at the California Grill for us. They have always been great. This year it is my birthday and our Anniversary because we are going so long. I am excited to see what they do for us this year. She will love it, I just hate that at 18, kids can’t “lighten up”. I was guilty myself, so I know how it is. I hope she has fun!


It all depends. For my 50th, my daughter and wife had the most marvelous cake brought to the room with decorations etc. Very, very nice and PRIVATE.
Of course they had to tell the CM @ dinner and that was a bit PUBLIC. I could do without that, but I don’t even like the strolling minstrels at dinner (but that’s another thread<g>). So watch what you do and who you tell. It’s the old, watch what you ask for… you will probably get it at Disney.