180 day mark


Well today marks the 180 day out for me so it was ADR time.
I was able to get all the ADR’S I was trying for
1.1900 Park Fare for dinner before the Mnsshp night
2. Crystal Palace for dinner
3. Cape May for dinner
4. Chef Mickey’s for a late breakfast the morning after Mnsshp
5. Spirit of Aloha dinner show 8 P.M. time
6. Wispering Canyon for a early dinner
7. Ohana’s for a breakfast before leaving to go home.
8. one left open for a later addition or walk in.

I am ready to go now but still have to wait for another 178 days to leave. We are going to add another 2 days to our reservations that we already have just waiting to see what discounts come out for that time before we add to the one we have right now.

The resort we are staying at is POP in a preferred room.


Looks good! Please share a review of the Spirit of Aloha when you get back. It sounds like fun!


I’ll tag team here since I made ADRs yesterday. We are staying at the Wilderness Lodge.
Artist Point on the day we arrive.
EPCOT kiosks Friday/Saturday (Wine & food Festival) (Meat and Greet w/ RLCharmicheal)
Sunday @ Citricos before MNSSHP;
Victoria & Albert’s on Monday (Queen Victoria’s room);
Yachtsman on Tuesday, our last night.

This can not come fast enough.