180 days on Wednesday!


Ok I’m goig to make my ADR’s on Wednesday and and up for suggestions… Any out of the mainstream places that anyone an suggest??


I liked Turf Club at Saratoga Springs, nice view. Also hearing good things about Sanaa,pretty out of the way.


I get to make mine tomorrow! I don’t have any suggestions, but can tell you what I am booking. You can pick off my plans if you want.

Day one - nothing
Day two - Via Napoli for dinner
Day three - Yak and Yeti for lunch
Day four - 1900 Park fare for dinner
Day five - Boma for dinner
Day six - Kona For Breakfast
Day 7 - Whispering Canyon for dinner
Day 8 - nothing
Day nine - Crystal Palace for bfast
Day ten - nothing

I am on the free DDP, so I felt compelled to book talbe meals. I don’t know if we are going to do all of these, but am booking them so we have options while there. Just some ideas for you.


we get to make ours on Tuesday. Our choices include:
Sci Fi (L)
Chef Mickey’s (B)
Tusker House (B)
Cape May (D)
Ohana’s (B)
Crystal Palace (D)
Ohana’s (D)
Park Fare (D)
50’s PRime Time (L)
Hoop Dee Doo (D)
Ohana’s (D) yep twice for dinner once for breakfast we love it there
Park Fare (B)


So far I’ve told everyone to come up with a breakfast and a dinner to see which one’s are going to be a favorite. I know we’ll be doing Crystal Palace, Rose & Crown and Tusker House but we are thinking of trying Akershus, Ohana’s for dinner and my DD wants to try Narcoossee’s for her b-day dinner

I have a weird mix, my son and I need to eat in the morning, if not we’re both sick for the day while my mom and daughter are more nighttime meal lover’s…So what I figured out is if I pay OOP for my breakfast’s then I use the DDP for sit down dinner’s… Still cheaper then upgrading…


Good idea. You could also let everyone pick one meal that they want to do and incorporate that into your plans. It’s allows everyone to have a special moment on the trip. My DD and I alternate choices. We go right down the list. Most of the time we like the same places, but there are times when she picks things I am not crazy about. This trip she chose 1900 park fare and I picked via napoli. She got Whispering Canyon and I chose Kona for the TONGA!! The other three are “must dos” excluding ohanna which we are skipping this trip.


Our ADR’s are made, celebrations listed and now just counting down the days. Here are our selections to maybe help you decide…

Chef Mickey’s (D)
Spirit of Aloha
Tusker House (B)
O’Hana’s (D)
San Angel Inn (D)/Tutto Italia (D)
Mama Melrose (D)
Cape May Cafe (B)
Sci Fi Dine (D)/50’s Prim Time (D)
1900 Park Fare (D)
Rainforest Cafe (D)
Teppan Edo (D)

Can’t wait to hear what you have chosen!


Ohana is somewhere I hadn’t considering booking for dinner. I note that there is an evening eletrical parade on the water which can be seen from the Polynesian resort at around 9pm. From experience, those who have eaten there before, what sort of time should an ADR be made to ensure that we are finished our meal in time to watch the show? And is it a show not to be missed? Thanks.