190 or 180 days?


I just hung up with WDW reservations to add the dining plan to my ressie. The very nice and helpful CM told me that I can make my ADRs 190 days prior - she even gave me the date that I can call. Is this correct?? I thought it was 180 days.


I believe if you are staying on site you get the extra 10 days. Take 'em either way.


I was told last nght 180 when I added my DH and my extra day…


Actually that is what she said, for resort guests it’s 190 days. I just want to make sure since we are going Thanksgiving week. I want to know when I can book the turkey day!


My your signature you are onsite so I say 180! Heck~ my 180 isnt until easter and they were asking me last night if I needed to make ressies! I should have rolled with it!


We always stay on site and I have never had a CM who let me make reservations before 180 days form the first day of my trip. I’ve read where some people have been allowed to start booking at 190 days out but I’ve never gotten lucky.

I believe the official rule is 180 days from the first day of your trip and at that time you can book up to 10 days.


I think that’s just because it’s him. They know about him.


Now that I think about it I was offered that once but it didn’t actually happen, the CM tried to book it and the computer shut him out. I knew it couldn’t happen but it I played along. I really think I had a new CM who didn’t know.


I like how you played along! :laugh:


We got to make Ressies at the 190 day mark a few weeks ago. They told us resort guests get an extra 10 days…


It is supposed to be 180 days from your first day and you can do it for 10 days hence 190 days. On our last trip the CM allowed us to do it at 190 days and we had to call every day for 10 days to make each days ADR. I discovered after the fact that what the first CM had done was not correct.


I never get that! :laugh: Don’t think I haven’t tried!:ph34r:


Today would’ve been my 190 day. I just got off the phone with a CM who checked with her supervisor regarding this and they said that even though I was staying on property my ADR date was still 180 days from check-in.


I always thought it was 180 days too.


I think what it means is, you can make all your reservations for UP to ten days on your 180 day mark.
Meaning…if you are staying 10 days you can make your ADR’s on your 180 day mark even though the last day of your trip is technically 190 days away.

Basically making it so you do not have to call back everyday.

So it’s 190 days away from your last day of a ten day vacation NOT 190 days away from your first day.

Does this make sense?


Really we get 10 extra days to make ADRs that is great


You got the answer I have always gotten. I’m happy to just make one phone call to book all our dining reservations, it’s so much easier.


I had always thought it was 180 days too but I read a book last month it was either Frommer’s Walt Disney World and Orlando 2008 or The unofficial guide to Walt Disney World 2008 (I don’t know which one as I read them both the same week) and it said ADR’s were to be booked 180 days or 190 if you stayed on site. I don’t know if this is new this year but it must be or else everyone here would know about it.


I always thought 180 days too and you could put your whole trip, but I figured I’d check since others were told or got ADRs at 190. The CM was almost apologetic that she couldn’t make the ADR but it’s no big deal. I just wanted to check to see what was going on. I think I’m more disappointed about no PPP in August.


It’s been and still is 180 days out. The rule is you can make your dining plans 180 days from the first day of your trip for up to 10 days if you are staying on WDW property. The 190 days out comes from the last day of a 10 day trip is 190 days out.