1900 Breakfast - checkout day & Magical Express


On our check-out day I thought we might squeeze in one last character breakfast. However, we have a 11:15 flight and Disney Magic Express says that they will pick-up 3 hours before flight, which means 8:15. Will I have time if we schedule it for 7:00. How accurate is the 3 hour before flight for Magical Express?


When we used ME last fall the bus was there even ealier than the 3 hour window. IMO you would be really rushing yourself. You would have to have all your bags ready to go before breakfast and have the bellhop come and get them and hold them for you.
Character Dining usully takes 1 to 1 1/2hrs ( in my experience) Not to say it is not do able, but I think you would be very rushed and may not enjoy it.


They do have your pick-up very close to three hours before your flight time. I don’t think you are going to be able to sqeeze it in. You could just go to the breakfast and grab a cab to the airport.


I’m with everyone else, I think you would be too rushed to try to do a character meal before your flight. The 3 hours is pretty standard and you you never know when you will need all of the 3 hours. You won’t know how many stops the bus will have to make after pick you up and you won’t know how the lines are at the airport until you get there.


Count on 3 hour pickup. We did in early Dec and really didn’t have anytime to spare with only 1 stop after up. (Of course that was largely due to one group that wasn’t ready and tied everybody up at GF while they rounded up their party and bags. I would have left them!)

ALSO, security at MCO can be a pain. Half of the time, they don’t have enough people working to cover the available machines. Really sucky for a city that survives on tourist and convention trade.

Over all, the Magical Express wasn’t too magical for me. Long wait to get bus on arrival, driver with bad attitude, then STUPID people. My son’s went down and had better experience, other than getting dropped off at wrong terminal.

I’ve rented car almost every time. It’s just not worth it to me.


I’d almost recommend just getting room service. I’m not sure what time the first seating is, but it might not be until 7:30. Yes, you could eat that fast, especially if you let the CMs know you’re trying to make a plane. My big question is, are you staying at the Grand Floridian? If not, I wouldn’t even try. Another thought, though less magical, on your way in, take a look at the dining options in the airport. You could have more time to grab breakfast at the airport than if you try to rush at the hotel. Or, you could just hire a limo, or corporate sedan to get you to the airport and be on your own schedule.