1900 Park Fare - Breakfast Is it worth it?


I just finished my ADRs for my March trip and selected this restaurant because I have never been there. Can you tell me what its like? What characters are there? Is the food good? Will they be still serving breakfast at 11am? We are going this trip with a “Princess” them for my 2 birthday girls and this trip is all for them. After we do breakfast here they are going to the boutique to get gussied up then to Dinner @ CT 5pm @ MK the PPParty @ MK whahoo. So I really want this breakfast to be a great kick off…


1900 Park Fare is my favorite breakfast, besides Boma. I think it is great for girls or boys. They have Alice, the Mad Hatter, Pooh and Tigger. It is so pretty there and the food is really good. They have the basics but also really good blintzes, made to order omelets, really good pastries. It is a great meal, a beautiful resort and fun characters! :happy: I see you are having dinner at 5:00 pm so if you have a really late breakfast you may still be full.


This one is a favorite of ours. We won’t schedule it if we are hurried because we love to sit around. They have (at last visit) a made to order omelet station and many upper grade breakfast items, Its worth it, but take your time.

Also there is a busser there, (I forget his name now) who clears the tables so fast its a show in itself.


We just love 1900 Park fare… it is wonderful… I plan on doing it again in September… for either breakfast or dinner we haven’t decided that yet.


1900 Park Fare is our very favourite for breakfast, great atmosphere, great characters and real nice food too.


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Haven’t been there in a while, but it use to be our favourite buffet.


In a word, YES!
Too bad I have to type more than just one word to post.:laugh:
The Mad Hatter is my personal favorite. Not the character, but the actor who portrays him.


1900 park fare is a great place for breakfast. i don’t know if the character line up has changed (alice and the mad hatter, winnie and tigger, and mary poppins) but you’re bond to have a good time. good food, beautiful restaurant, great characters. can’t go wrong having breakfast there.


We went for the first time on December 23rd. The food was very good. We saw the Madhatter, who was a riot, he kept asking Tigger if he was the tiger from the cheetos comercial. Alice and Mary Poppins were there, but no Pooh.
I was feeling a little under the weather and I decided to get a Grand Mimosa, what a mistake, it was really strong, I left most of it. Other than that(which was my own stupidity) the food was worth it. I will say in my experience the cast members who worked there were the least friendly of the people I saw at WDW. Maybe it was an off day.


We love it for dinner. Breakfeast has to be good.


Breakfast buffets are almost always better than dinner buffets.
Breakfast at 1900 even without characters would be excellent.



(Cindy Lou Who voice) You mean… “helps” him… don’t you? :blink: :crying:



What a way to start the day!

When we were there, Mary Poppins was at the front door to greet the kids! She was so beautiful!


We have had dinner there and it was GREAT!!! I’ve never tried breakfast there…one day, I’m sure I will.


Definatly one of my favorite breakfasts! Always excellent service and probably the best made omlettes on WDW property! Great selection of food and some of the best character interaction Iv seen at a CB


Ii is close to the MK if you need to jump over, & you can take the monorail. If you can, also try the Chef Mickey’s breakfast in the Contemporary.


I’ve never been there but I had heard excellent reviews about it lately! I think Wishy went there for Thanksgiving and loved it.


We have eaten there many times and we both LOVE Breakfast and Dinner there!!! :heart: IMO, 1900 Park Fare is the BEST buffet at WDW!!! :happy:

Good service, character interaction, etc…

Definately try it!!!

I can’t decide which I like better there, breakfast or dinner!
food is great at both, you get different characters at breakfast and rare ones at dinner with Cindy!