1900 Park Fare Character Dinner


I need some opinions on this dinner. I have read on allears that the character interaction is great but the food is not. So, what do you all think? I know breakfast is better, but the girls want to see Cinderella!


I haven’t done the dinner there, but the food at Park Faire is decent, not great. Just “faire”. LOL

However, you are right, the characters are the best there. They have hands down the best Mad Hatter at Disney. He is the one in my avatar with my daughter. We still laugh our tails off just thinking about that guy. I don’t think he is there for dinner, but great nonetheless.

What specific character are you looking to see?


at dinner is Cinderella, Prince Charming, Stepmom (man is she evil!) and the stepsisters~ they are hilarious!!! there was good interaction with all of them.
someone wasnt at the table next to us (she was at the buffet) and they started yelling across the room for her ‘MARY…GET OVER HERE, WE ARE HERE TO SEE YOU NOW!!! GET YOUR FOOD LATER’…too funny!!


We loved the interaction with the characters. The stepmother and sisters are great. And tinkfans is right – don’t be away from your table when they come by. They will let you and everyone else know!:laugh:

I have a great picture of me with the stepmother – she was hilarious when she realized I was a stepmother too, she said we have to stick together and wanted to know if I had a “selfish snit” like Cinderella! :ohmy:

I thought the food was really good – the carving station roast was excellent.


In January there will be two little girls on the trip and they love Cinderella, so I thought dinner at 1900 would be fun for them.


We have done 1900 Park Fare several times for both breakfast and dinner. The last time we were there was October 2007 and the stepmother and stepsisters were new. They were wonderful, but the food was pretty bad. We haven’t been back because the food was so bad.


Their food there is good! We did it last year for Mother’s Day, and the Prime Rib was delicious. Our DD got to see all the characters and danced with them and had a blast. I got to see all the foods and had a blast :laugh:
We’ll be doing the dinner again this Mother’s Day as well.


Just FYI, Cinderella’s Royal Table has the princess at the meal at all three meals now. That is awesome!


Yeah I had thought about CRT but we also want to do Hoop Dee Doo. We don’t want two 2 meals that would be 2 table service credits. It’s hard to choose, ecspecially when taking people for the first time. We want them to experience the best!


We went in Dec. just my Dand my parents no kids. We had a blast and my parents still talk about how much they enjoyed this.


Have to agree with Allears on their opinion. the characters ARE awesome…the food? not so much:ph34r:


The character interaction is great and we enjoyed the food!!


We are going there for our trip this summer. We’re having the breakfast. What don’t you all like about the food? Is it the choices or the way it’s prepared. I’m just wondering because I have children that will be happy as long as there is fruit and a waffle or pancake. DH and I will make due too. I booked it with the characters in mind, but don’t want to waste the credit on really bad food.


I did this last December with my mom, friend, and 5 kids under the age of 9…we absolutely LOVED every part of it! The characters were VERY interactive and we thought the buffet was wonderful! Some of the best food we had…I say go for it


We did this with our four year old on our last trip and it was hands down, our best character interaction of our entire vacation. Even the adults were having a blast because the stepsisters and stepmother are so hilarious. We did a character breakfast at Cape May that week as well but found the characters not nearly as fun.

THe food was decent. Not great, not bad. I wouldn’t do it again for the food alone but would do it again just because of the characters.


When we went last year the characters were good but the food and service we horrible!!

It started right at the beginning when they lost my order for a birthday cake for my DD’s 16th birthday, but in the end the Beach Club sent over a cake from their kitchen for us (but took 1900 a little bit to “find” it)… and then they wanted to charge me AGAIN for a cake I had already paid for!! Ummmmm NOT! So after 15 minutes and a chat with the woman who was runnign the show that night, it was all taken care of but it took a little glow off our birthday buzz…

Fluke or not I walked away with the opinion of poor service, which for me can make or break a place!


We did this Character dinner @ Park Fare on on first trip to Disney World- it was WONDERFUL!!! The characters were Fabulous & tons & tons of interaction!! It was so sweet to see my girls in awe of Prince Charming & the stepsisters were HILARIOUS!!!


oops- forgot to mention the food — obviously you’re going for the character experience. The buffet was fine, nothing to write home about but not terrible either. They had something to suit everyone in our bunch!


We had dinner there a year ago October. The character interaction was fabulous! The food was good. Not a huge selection, but what was there was good. Would recommend it.


I am interested in the reports on dinner too as this is a place we always go to for a character breakfast and always have such a good time.