1900 Park Fare for dinner


Is it good/no good? Is it buffet or family style?

I’ve read the characters may include the step sisters and Lady Tremaine (3 characters I’d love to see) along with Cinderella and Prince Charming.

I’m trying to mix in new places to go this year along with some old favorites.



Do you know this is still one of those places I have never made it to? I have made (and cancelled) many adrs here!!

I can tell you that the Grand Floridian Cafe was wonderful, though.


We love it!!!

It was being refurbished though…I’m not sure if that’s done??

The buffet is one of our favorites. It seems that it may be smaller in size to other buffets, but I think the quality of food is a bit higher. Their portobella mushrooms are scrumptious!!!

I think you’ll enjoy it!


Yes its done!


We went after the refurb… Didn’t care for the food at all (It’s a buffet) but we could have hit it on a bad night maybe?

But the characters are truely some of the best on WDW property!!!


What didn’t you like about the food?

I’m excited to see the new group of characters. I was hoping to book it on our first night there. We usually check-in to the hotel (this time it’s WL!) and go to MK, so I figured it was perfect.


I didn’t think the selection was that great and the prime rib they served tasted AWFUL :blow:

You definatly go for the characters though and not so much the food! We went in October on DD’s 4th birthday!


Well…since we’re going the day we arrive (after getting up way too early and surviving the food-free plane and bus rides) I’m sure we’ll be hungry to eat almost anything. LOL! I’m just glad the character interaction is good. The stepsister and Lady Tremaine sound like a fun addition.


It’s a must do for us every trip. I dont know if it changed after the rehab but the food was great. We feel its disneys best buffet.


It is one of our favorites! The food is better than any other buffett on property (in our opinion). The characters have now changed so I’ve seen the new line up but the old ones were great! I think you should definetly try it!


Planning on doing this when we go next year…


The food was OK, I enjoyed the Crystal Place more. The characters were very rushed. We were seated in a side room. It wouldn’t be high on my list to repeat…


I think you must have hit a bad night there, momofaprincess. We just went Sunday and loved it. The characters all came around and played well with our party. They were very entertaining: dancing with our friends and around the restaurant. Lots of laughs. And the food was quite good. I ate way too much because it was all so good.

And yes, we had Lady Tremaine, the two stepsisters, Cinderella and Prince Charming.


I think we must have too!! We did love the characters though!!


We went in 2006 and L:heart: VED it! But we had Cinderella, Prince Charming, the mice and the Fairy GodMother in the lobby. Have they changed permanently? This place is DEFINTELY on my list for my November 2008 trip!!! They had AWESOME Alfredo Tortellini…and their bananas foster bread pudding…TO DIE FOR!!! Seriously, one of the best buffets EVER. :cool:


Before the renovations it was our favorite buffet, it is on our list of reservations for our upcoming trip, it still sounds good.


We have done 1900 Park Fare several times and always loved it. We were so excited to return this fall with some new characters, and the characters were FABULOUS!!! However, we must have hit it on a bad night this time as far as the food goes because we were soooo disappointed. I’m glad to hear that some folks here have had good experiences lately. We had thought we would not go back since the food was so bad last time, but hearing that others have had good experiences, we might go back.


I completely second that opinion. Try the Princess breakfast at Epcot instead!


Been going to this one every year for a loooooonnnnggg time, and it has always been great food wise, but you don’t always get Cinderella, and if you’ve got a little princess, you gotta see Cindy!:happy:


I have seen the Fairy Godmother in the Lobby welcoming guests but never actually made it here for food as yet. We are going here on our next trip hopefully in 08. I also heard that Mary Poppins is here sometimes no?