1900 park fare?


This was basically the only ressie I could get for next friday that both my pregnant friend and i could both agree on and its the only one that had a great time slot. Has anyone been there since the character change to the step sisters and Lady tremaine? Do they also do anything for birthdays there? Just wondering… I know I will be 28 but I still like to be a kid in WDW:laugh:


Hey, I’m turning 30 this summer & I am going to make a BIG FUSS in Disneyland! :tongue: That’s what birthdays are for, don’t think twice about it! :heart:

You are going to LOVE 1900 Park Fare! I had never been there before & was a little reluctant. This is the only reservation I could get for Thanksgiving dinner & it was SOOO good! From the moment we walked into the door the CMs were very welcoming & friendly, the food was FANTASTIC especially for a buffet, & seeing Cinderella with Prince Charming, Lady Tremaine, and all the stepsisters was SO COOL!

Call the Grand Floridian and ask them if there is anything special they can do at your birthday dinner there. I can guarantee there are options!


AWESOME!!! Thanks Jess! Would I call the GF bakery or just GF??


Well I think I would call the Grand Floridian and asked to be transfered to the desk at 1900. I’d probably tell them you are celebrating a birthday on such and such a date and “was wondering if there was something special I could arrange for our dinner.”


Would it be the most fun fantasy in teh whole world to be one of the stepsisters?