1900 Park Fare


What is the dress code for this restuarant for dinner? My DH doesn’t want to “dress” up to eat.


It’s “casual” there. My DD and I wore park clothes. Everyone in the restaurant except for the little girls dressed like princesses and a few people who always dress for dinner were totally in park casual.


Totally casual. We were in t-shirts and shorts. :happy:


We just wore park clothes, but some people choose to dress up…either way, I think you’ll be comfortable.


we went right from MK so we were in park clothes too!! no need to dress up.


Was there in December, practically right off the plane so was in a long sleeve shirt and jeans and in no way felt out of place.


We went for both B & D and it was casual.

I did not know your DH likes wearing dresses ha ha ha


[QUOTE=hiner;939187]We went for both B & D and it was casual.

I did not know your DH likes wearing dresses ha ha ha[/QUOTE]



Casual and comfy! I dn’t remember seeing anyone other than the little princess’ dressed up in anything other than park gear


Casual seems to be the thing for Park Fayre, but if you wish to dress for dinner then that would be OK too, its a great laid back place- enjoy!


You definitely don’t have to “dress up” to eat at 1900 Park Fare. We tried it for the first time a few weeks ago, and basically we went from walking around the parks all day straight to it. Pretty much everyone in there was in “park gear”.


We also went in park clothes. However, when we do our “Marathons” at the parks, we always have a canvas bag with us. We always bring any extra clothes we can. For instance a collar pullover for us guys, and depending on time of year, dressier clothes for the girls. We usually have to wait to be seated, so we go to the restrooms and wash up.


Tee shirts and shorts (no cut offs).
It doesn’t even have to be “resort casual” which is required at all of the signature restaurants.
And these days, resort casual means collared golf shirts and cargo shorts, although plain colored tee shirts are also allowed (no Grumpy wear).
Footwear for men should be running/walking shoes, no sandals.