1955 Main Street USA?


I was wondering if any of the lovely people here happy to have or know of any good high quality preferably colour pictures of Main Street USA in 1955?

Im working on a personal project which I need good references for, but alas I am having problems finding some.


Hmmm… either Mouseplanet or Miceage did a feature about “original” Main Street… or there was a discussion thread about it somewhere on Micechat. I know there were some pictures. Hope that helps a little bit.


Check out Yesterland.com. They have some fantastic vintage photos from Disney.


Yep, found them, here you go! Yesterland presents Disneyland Then and Now: Main Street and the Castle


Yesterland is a great site. Brings back so many memories of the early trips to Disney World.


Main page, first photo NOT Disneyland circa 1950’s! That’s Disneyworld which didn’t open until October 1, 1971. That’s Cinderella’s Castle not Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.


That is awesome!


Not sure, you may be right on it being DW. It does look like the park area in the front of DL though, but the castle does resemble DW. The rest are certainly DL.


The more I look at it, the more it looks like DL with the castle just looking larger at that angle.


That 2nd pic is from Disneyland…
There is no statue of Roy & Minnie (seated) in the circle, If this pic was taken in 2009 …
Plus you can see the Matterhorn behind the buildings on the right !!!
(Or someone left on the popcorn machine overnight… :eek:)


Matterhorn at MK. That would be a dream come true!


That was so cool to look at, thanks for posting the site.


No problem, I spend alot of time on that site. I love Yesterland. There is one pic on there that we SWEAR is my wife’s grandmother and grandfather in the 70s that we didn’t post. (They were HUGE Disney fanatics, even moving down to the Disney World area). Great site.


Besides the obvious growth of the trees, did anyone notice the increase in trash cans in the 2009 Town Square picture?