1st and last restaurant?


I know everyone has their favorite restaurants…but do have any “traditions” for the 1st restaurant you visit on every trip and the last one before you go home?

Our first restaurant is always the Crystal Palace. I’m not sure why, but we just love it there. The food is so good, the restaurant is beautiful and they make the best pink lemonade ever!!! It’s just a great way to start the trip.

Our last is a character breakfast, to get our last character fix. Last trip it was 1900 Park Fare, but this trip I think it will have to be Cape May Breakfast since we won’t have time to get to the GF b/f it’s time to go to the airport :crying:.


I love to go to chef mickeys… but to be honest we usually start with planet hollywood first. I dont know why. probally b/c my husband likes to unwind if we get there late and start the parks first thing inthe am


We always do 'Ohana dinner the first night, and Chef Mickey’s breakfast the last morning. :heart: It’s our tradition! (Me and my best friend.)

When I go with DH though, we may change things around. It depends on his input and where he would like to go! It’s never too late to start new traditions! :mickey:


I would choose the breakfast at Cape May. Love those Krispy Kreme donuts!!!


Traditionally we go the the restaurant where we are staying for the first night. This year it will be Shutters. No where in particular for the last night. Breakfast at the Crystal Palace always starts our day at the Magi Kingdom.


Hmm, no restaurant traditions here. See, living in and around Myrtle Beach, the theme restaurants don’t matter to me. We have Hard Rock, Planet Hollywood, Margaritaville, and HOB. We even have the first Kiss Coffee House in the world. So, I don’t look for that when I go away.

The only restaurants that we traditionally eat at are San Angel Inn and Jungle Jims (which isn’t even at WDW). As a kid, we used to go to the buffet breakfast they had at Poly (the one with the huge fruit bar).


We like to do Spoodles on our last night.

Currently we don’t have a first night tradition…but we’ll be doing 'Ohana on our first night on the next big trip. I could see that becoming a first night tradition.


We do Chef Mickey’s our last morning. Our first night? Not anything special. Usually we grab something at Downtown Disney.


Our tradition includes Ohana’s and Ohana’s and maybe Ohana’s sometime inbetween!


Normally our family have a meal at the resort we are staying but next vacation as we will be arriving on my Birthday we will be heading straight for my favourite place on the planet, Ohanas :wub:

Our last meal has normally been lunch the Crystal Palace as we bid farewell to Cinderella’s castle until next time. Always a horribly sad day :crying: but a lovely meal


We always do Pecos Bills for our first lunch and Ohanas for our first dinner!


We don’t have any rules carved in stone, but have done Boma for breakfast for the last 2 trips, so that’s sort of a tradition!


O’hana’s the night we arrive and Crystal Palace the last full day we’re there. We have breakfast at Whispering Canyon the day we fly out.


We fly in from California on a Friday and by the time we get checked in, it’s usually around 6:30 p.m. or so. In the past, we’ve always made ADRs for 7:30 at Alfredo’s in EPCOT. This year, we decided we’re just going to hit the food court at CBR on our first night.

On our last night, we eat at the Coral Reef. Watching the fish cruise by in the aquarium is very relaxing and we love the lobster bisque and crab cakes. It’s just a nice way to cap a wonderful time at WDW.


We hit Rainforest Cafe in DTD for lunch/early dinner the day we arrive. We eat breakfast at Spoodles the day we go home.


I have no set ritual for where or when we eat. There are places we return to more often than others, and some places we just can’t get into when we want. I plan around fireworks, so later dinners are normal. With the evening magic hours, there has become a standard late night stop, Steak and Shake. They’re open all night. For our major trip coming in September, our first meal will be at Concourse Steakhouse before the halloween party, Chef Mickey’s was unavailable, but I might be able to pull off something. Several trips, we’ve stopped at Fulton’s for lunch before we hit the road, plus there’s usually enough left for a snack when we get home.