1st time without stroller?


Wow! I just realized that last time we went the little guy was 5 and still using a stroller.
This year he is 7 and we don’t even have a stroller anymore.

I just can’t see hime keeping pace.

What do you folks do in this situation?

Is this a good time for those rental strollers?



I think 7 is plenty old enough to go stroller-free. If the adults just slow down their pace a little it shouldn’t be a problem.


I say get a stroller. My kids are 5 (almost 6) and 8 and I can’y imagine them going all day without a stroller. I will probably say about 10 yrs. old is the age without a stroller. I get a double for them and when they get tired it’s there. They can choose to walk or stroll.


my little girl is 7 and we still get a stoller for her


I was just thinking about this today! My DD will be 6.5 going on 7 and I am thinking about NOT getting one. I really dont feel like putting the extra $ out on one when I doubt she will even use it. I think she will keep paceholding my hand… Heck if I have to drag her down main street well then so be it :laugh:

ONLY KIDDING!!! But I dont think we will get one either


I agree with the majority here. Get the stroller. If only to have him in there for short spurts - it’s a very convenient thing to have.


When my son was 7 we still took a stroller, there was no way he could walk from 7 am to 11 pm. We bought a cheap umbrella stroller that he (mostly) fit in and at the end of the week we passed it on to another family who looked like they could use it and they were very thankful for it.

The summer my son turn 8 we didn’t take one and he was fine walking all day.


I say get the stroller for sure. Last year, our kids were 9 and 5 and we got a single stroller at the parks. Sometimes one used it, sometimes neither used it and sometimes they both squeezed in! I think it is worth the extra money to avoid the whining. Everyone will have a better time and what does it really matter? You have a place to hang your bags and purchases and it was great for an afternoon nap/rest time (reward was ice cream).


DD was seven this past trip and we did not bring the stroller…she did just fine! It was me who had the biggest problem! The stroller was my carry-all and it was hard to adjust to carrying everything and doing with less at the parks! :laugh: We managed though - we were just slow learners.


I say get a rental and see how it goes. If you find you don’t need it then you need not get one the following day.


That’s what I call it my “whine” money!! :laugh: :laugh:

Mine are 4 & 8 . . . DD4 still needs it of course, but I just get the double and DD8 squeezes in when she is tired! It is great to have to store all your stuff and good to have for the kids to take a rest, while I can still keep moving!! :laugh:

The cost for a double is $17/day, but if you buy your days in advance, then it is $15/day! I’m not sure the cost of a single one? :confused:


The first time we went,my kids were 6 and 8. They didn’t want to be in a stroller. Two hours later, they loved being pushed around in a stroller. By the end of the day, I was trying to get my wife to push me… but no luck!
I say give them a day of walking and they will be asking you to get a stroller!


We just got back and my DD who is just went without a stroller. We had planned on getting her one and then the very first day at rope drop met up with friends of ours whose daughter is in the same 2d grade class. Both girls went skipping down Main Street - my husband and I just laughed and said, I guess no stroller! She did very well without one the entire week and put alot of mileage on her little feet but never complained and never seemed fatigued!


I meant to say she is just 7 - Sorry!


I am facing the same situation when we go. DD will be 7 and it will be the first time that we will not be bringing a stroller. I couldn’t decide whether to rent one or not. On one hand I would love to be free from pushing a stroller around all day. I would also love to not have to park it and then look for it after the ride. On the other hand I will certainly miss not having it to put my things in.
I have so far decided that I am going to start taking DD out for walks to build up her legs (and maybe lose a few pounds myself!) and then see how it goes once we are there.
Not much help to you…sorry.:pinch:


i agree…

let DS try it without for a day…see how he does. he may be fine…if not…rent a stroller the next day. no biggie.

if the cost is a factor…buy a cheap umbrella stroller to take with you. leave it at the resort the 1st day…if you find out DS cannot do the parks all day without a stroller…whaa-la!! you have one! :C)


I really like this idea!!
where did you pick up this umbrella type stroller?


From experience I would say get the stroller. We thought that DD was old enough to go without, but after long days with lots of walking poor DH had to almost carry her and so we rented a stroller from them on.


My DD will be 8 this year when we go and she is NOT getting a stroller. She would not have gotten one last year (she was 6 at the time almost 7) but my aunt rented a double so her grandson and DD could ride together. I think it depends on the kid and the footwear your kid has on. Try it with out it for a couple of days and then rest if necessary.


you can buy an expensive umbrella stroller ($12) at wal-mart.

i think there is a wal-mart real close to the parks.

i remember someone saying they went there for diapers, formula, and…beer. :C) (not the same person…LOL)

they went to walmart after they arrived rather than bringing the baby stuff with them or having it shipped.