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Ok, so I want to book a Disney trip for my wife and three kids. I have never been to Disney and we really want to go next year. We would like to go anytime between May 9th -the 27th. Would like to be there for 7 nights and stay on-site. When I price it out online I get $4900 staying at Port Orleans_riverside, 8 day park hopper with water park and dining plus package. Can anyone tell me how I can go for less if possible?

Thank you in advance


You Could always book and then if a sell comes up then you can change to that deal from what I have heard. Think of how much you will really use the water park option. Though they are really nice so are the pools at the POR. I know that in your other thread I did post that you should take a day and do that but if you really would like to do it for less think of what you want. The rooms will still be there for a long time.
The hoppers are great and so is the water park options but they can also add to stress. With the age of the kids they can do a lot of things in the parks so spending a day at HS is not that hard compared to if half were under restricted hight. If you are getting in late cut a day off though this does not save to much. Go with the counter serve or say that instead of doing the hopper and water park you do the DDP, just make the reservations for the parks you would like to visit that day.
If you do cut back on a lot of things it will be just under 4,000 after the insurance. You can always upgrade before the final payment too.


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Honestly, in all of my experience in saving on WDW hotels, it is best to book late. Don’t get me wrong - you are definitely doing the right thing by planning ahead. Keep browsing and playing around. But the best deals come out closer to your actual date of travel.

If you want to book a package, then you’ll very likely luck out with free dining. May 9th-27th is not peak season, and I can almost guarantee you there are going to be discounted rates for those dates.

One great way to save is to not book a package. Disney also discounts room rates for certain dates. When Disney discounts rooms, it’s better than any deal you’ll find off of another online booking source. If you save by booking through Disney on your room, then you can get your tickets from another source. Undercover Tourist offers discounted Walt Disney World tickets. Sign up for Mousesavers e-mails, and you’ll receive a link to their further discounted rates.

Another way to save on tickets is to not get the water parks and more option. It sounds like what you need, but you’re getting 8 days of waterparks, along with 8 park days. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to use all of those within your stay. I would suggest just getting the 8-day park hopper and buying a waterpark ticket for the day(s) you are planning to go. You might do the math and see how many days you would need to go to the waterparks to get your money’s worth and decide if it’s worth doing. Also note that mini-golf and Quest are not as good of a value because their ticket value is less than that of a waterpark.

I’m sure some DVC MBers will let you know about the option of renting DVC points. It really is a great way to stay at deluxe resorts for a very low price. You can find point charts for all of the DVC resorts at DVCNews.com - The essential Vacation Club resource! - Home. While that probably doesn’t mean anything to you, multiply that by $10, and you can get a rough estimate of the price. In order to get points, you’ll need to rent them from someone. We have a rent/trade area here on MB, and there is also one at Disboards. I’ve seen points go as low as $7.50/point. Like with hotels, the later you wait to book, the lower the price will get. However, keep in mind that there are only so many DVC rooms, so it might be difficult to get your resort of choice. But there isn’t one DVC resort I wouldn’t mind staying at.

Let me know if you have any questions! I’m sure you’ll get a lot of other great responses on how MBers save on their vacations!!! :happy:


Littlemissmagic just gave you an amazing answer! Here here! Seriously, she is dead on with everything. Just keep watching and keep watching for discounts. Disney will post deals the closer you get to your vacation. Mid May is one of the best times of the year to get a discount and if you keep watching you will get a phenomenal deal. How old are your kids, that will matter alot?

We have done the two of us and a 5-7 year old daughter with deluxe dining for far less than that more than once and the trick, just like she said, keep watching. Good luck, you will get it. Welcome, we are here to help. Disney is the best place on earth!


Renting DVC points can save you a bundle on lodging. Avoid Friday and Saturday nights if possible.

Also, Jan, Sept, Oct & Nov are lowest seasons pricewise. May is middle season but still a good time to go because temps are nice and the kids are still in school.

Avoid holidays & spring break times which are peak $ea$on.


I’d also say skip the water park tickets. For a first trip, I’d think you’d spend most of your time at the main parks. My DS and DDIL wanted water parks, but I said wait until you get there to add it. What if a week of rain happens…you don’t get your money back for not using the tickets. As it was, the week we were there it didn’t rain that much, but with the family trip, we kept meeting up as a group, so it would have been hard for them to use the water parks.


Welcome to Mousebuzz! Your first visit!!! How exciting! Can’t top Little Miss Magic’s advice - she’s spot on! I also agree with jo-jo - if this is your first visit you’ll probably want to spend all your time in the parks. The waterparks are great - but you can always plan that for another trip. Disney pools are very special, so you won’t be missing out on too much if you opt to swim at your resort pools. Also - don’t be afraid to ask any questions you might have. MB is a friendly site and everyone is happy to help out and give advice.


We recently found that we did not really use the park hopper option enough for the extra $ if you would be okay with one park per day and can plan for such it can definetly save some $.


We find the Hopper option a big advantage. We can hit the park we plan on and if it is full/crowded we hop to another. Can’t see doing Disney w/o it.


During the 2 trips we’ve taken this past year we added the Hopper to both. On 1 we only hopped on our very last day and on the next trip we never hopped at all. Granted it was nice to have “just in case”, but next summer we’re skipping the hoppers and adding water+ more instead. Not enough use for the added price.
If this is your first trip you’ll be so busy trying to see/do as much as you can in each park you may not have time to hop. Even if you do I wouldn’t recommend it without knowing some of the shortcuts of Dis Transportation.


Yes just get the basic hopper tickets that will save you some. If you decide to do the water parks chances are you will only do it for one day and it would be cheaper to just purchase at the door for the day. You might not even have time to go to the water parks and you just paid money for not using it. I use Mouseketrips - Disney Vacations to book our reservations and they have always helped with questions. This forum is a great tool as well, lot’s of people here who have done disney yearly and know all the tricks on saving money. We just got back from Port Orleans Riverside last week after staying for 10 days.

Our cost:

Room was around $2500 with hopper tickets for 2 (since our kids were under 3years old)
Air was around $950 (delta for 3 tickets) plus $75 for checking 3 bags one way so $150 total.
Meal Plan was free for us.

We ended up only paying $400 out of pocket for misc foods and gifts etc… If you can get the meal plan for free I would do it, it saved us atleast $600-700 easy.

Also, you get a lot of food on the meal plan so if you don’t need the deluxe don’t get it. Good luck and have fun…


Welcome to MB. Are you willing to start your trip on May 27/2011? If so, you can save a bunch because they are offering free dining. I priced it for you & got $ 3559.67. I assumes all kids were over 10 years old so it may be even less if they are younger. Here is a link to the webpage.

Walt Disney World&reg - Reservation Landing
I’m sorry if this link does not work. I’m not very good with computers. Let me know if not & I will try again.:blink:


Sorry, this is the link I meant to post. Hope it works!
Walt Disney World&reg - Reservation Landing


The links look the same but they are not. Please use the 2nd one. I also agree that unless you are sure you will be going to the water parks as well as Disney Quest, I would not get the water parks & more option on your ticket. I personally could not go without the hopper option but if you really want to save than it is an option. Good luck with planning. Keep us posted.