1st Trip Report


I decided to try a trip report. I’m not much of a story teller, but thought I would give it a try, especially since it was one of our shorter trips.

Day 1 - Tuesday
Up and out of bed at 2:30am to be sure everything was packed and ready to leave at 4pm for the airport. USAirways flight departed right on time and we were on our way. Arrived a few minutes early in Orlando around 9:15am. Luggage was just a few minutes and we were headed to ME busses. Again, non-eventful and only sat waiting on the bus to depart for about 10 minutes. We were off to Boardwalk Villas. Ride was only about 30 minutes. Since we did on-line check-in, the process took less than 10 minutes.

We were handed our packet by a trainee, everything was verified and we set off to check out our room #3013. A little far from the elevators, but not a big deal. Our room was right over top of Big River Grill on the Boardwalk. Despite thinking it would be noisy and you would be able to smell the food, neither was noticeable. Room was very clean and nice for just the two of us.

After quickly unpacking we headed down to the Boardwalk gift shop to purchase our rain ponchos as it had begun raining on the trip from the airport. We headed to ESPN on the Boardwalk for a burger for lunch. Excellent choice – Muffaletta burger was fantastic.

We then headed right to the Magic Kingdom. DH needed a hat to keep his rain poncho hood up and he has a tradition of getting a safari hat every time we go to Disney. He uses them for work every day, so they do get used more than just at WDW and they only last a few months before he needs a new one.

We stopped for a Dole Whip which is another one of our favorites. Crowd level was medium to low for us as we have been to WDW during peak attendance times. This was nothing compared to other times. We headed off to our favorites…Buzz Lightyear, Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder Mountain and a few others. Wait was not more than 25 minutes at each ride, mostly less than that. Humidity and heat was ridiculous, but we ventured through. Being from NJ and the heat we had been experiencing lately, we were used to it.

We grabbed a bite to eat and kept going at all our favorites. Did a little browsing in the shops and then headed for the train station for the parade. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate for the regular afternoon parade; but we did get to experience the Rainy Day Parade that we had never seen before. Glad Disney has an alternative for all the guests who were counting on the parade. The rain was ridiculous, so we just hung out at the top center of the train station to see if it would pass. The rain did lighten up, so we stayed and rode more rides. We had been through rain issues before, so this was not new to us.

The rain stopped in time for the Main Street Electrical Parade and Wishes. We stayed for both events and then headed back to the hotel.


:mickey: So far so good, can’t wait to hear some more. When were you there?


Great start to your TR! wow there was some rain judging by the photo- still, you managed to pack a lot of good stuff into your day- I look forward to more please!


I love trip reports.:mickey: I am so happy your doing one.:smile:


We were there 8/9-8/13.


When you save and work hard for your vacation funds, no rain, nor sleet, nor hurricane will stop you!


Day 2 - Wednesday
Got up early and went to breakfast at the Bakery on the Boardwalk. We then caught the boat over to Hollywood Studios. Again, the rain did not cooperate so it was another poncho day. We did all our favorites, Toy Story Mania, Rock n Roller Coaster, Walt’s Dream, Beauty & the Beast and a few others. We wanted to head over to the DVC Welcome Home Wednesday at 2:00pm, so we headed back to the Boardwalk.

There were already about 50 people in line when we got there so we skipped dropping our things in the room and went right to the Dance Hall. This was another first for us and we enjoyed it. The event lasted about an hour. For anyone who hasn’t attended, we all got cards to fill out for chances at prize drawings. Lemonade and bags of popcorn for everyone and then a chance to participate in a Jeopardy type of game show. The guests earn points and then prizes. It was fun and all DVC members should do it at least once.

We received baseball hats with the NEW DVC logo on them…BEAUTIFUL! We headed back to the room for a little R&R from the heat and humidity before dinner.

We decided on Big River Grill. We didn’t eat until around 7:00pm and did get the last of the only 2 tables they had. There was a party of 45 at the restaurant, so we got really lucky. The salmon was excellent, as well as the Lager! After dinner we headed back to Hollywood Studios to catch Fantasmic. Since we won’t get to see it when we are back in January, we figured we better get to see it now. Another awesome show and then back to the hotel.


Oh cool! I saw a few people with those hats on during our trip, and I want to say I saw new tote bags with that logo as well? Looks like our trips overlapped a tiny bit, we left on the tenth.


I hadn’t seen the tote bags or I would have bought one of those. It is so hard to find the DVC merchandise sometimes. One of the cast members told us that they are trying to blow out all the old logo merchandise so they can bring out the new logo merchandise. Hope that doesn’t take too long. We’ll be back in January for the Marathon weekend; hope it is out by then.


I love TR’s! Keep it coming!


Great report…Ugh! on the rain. The last time we were there in August we had rain, too…much more than in other months.

You all certainly made the most of it.

Waiting for more…


Day 3 – Thursday
Had no idea what to do for breakfast so we decided to try Kouzzina by Cat Cora. Had heard good things about this place, but never tried it. All I can say is another good meal. The Flatbread with eggs, feta cheese, red peppers and spinach was excellent. Other than the fact that it took over 35 minutes for my husband to get his drink because they were changing the Coke tanks, it was an A+.

We headed to Animal Kingdom today and thought we would be through the park in just a few hours. This is not one of our favorites, but we feel obligated to visit all 4 parks every visit. We did Nemo the Musical which was new for us, Expedition Everest, It’s Tough to be a Bug, Lion King and stayed for the parade, which we rarely do. We stayed until around 4:30pm and then headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.

By the time we got back to the hotel, we had to really push it. We had 7:30pm dinner reservations at California Grill and we had to get showers, get on the boat to Hollywood Studios, catch the bus to Magic Kingdom, jump on the monorail to the Contemporary and all by 7:30pm (and in heels). We made it, but just barely. It wasn’t crowded at all, but we both despise being late or cutting it so close. California Grill is one of our favorites and we never miss it. Despite asking the hostess for a window table (and may I mention that there were several open tables), we ended up near the sushi bar and the exact same table we have been at the last 2 visits. We agreed that we will be more forceful next time and demand a window table and not settle for less.

We had a fantastic meal of Spicy Kazan sushi, halibut and filet. Service was very good and well worth what we paid given the fact we weren’t on any DDP. We decided to head back to the hotel after dinner since my heels and WDW don’t go together. We took the bus back to Hollywood Studios and then took the boat to Beach & Yacht Club. We took the long way back to the Boardwalk, walked on the beach, and did a little souvenir shopping.

We ended up at Jellyrolls for the dueling pianos. We had 2 drinks, had a good time and went back to the hotel since it was about 32 degrees in the place. If I had a jacket, we probably would have closed the place. Just fair warning for anyone who visits, there is a $10 cover charge and drinks are about $8 each. When we first walked up to the door, I frowned at the cover charge. The hostess mentioned going over to the Dance Hall since there wasn’t a cover charge. We strolled over there and the host was more than happy to let us into an empty building with one person at the bar. Dance videos were playing on the large screen and the music was blaring, and there was smoke on the dance floor, but no patrons. That is why we ended up back at Jellyrolls.


great TR and pictures. more please.


Ooh, that flatbread looks very yummy!


I’m gonna get me one of those hats! Great report!


Enjoying you’re TR. I can’t wait to stay at the BW one day.

btw, what’s that wet looking stuff on the sidewalk in your first pics. Seems like I remember seeing something like that a loooong time ago :happy: j/k
Glad you’re having a good time and y’all aren’t letting inclement weather hold you back.


Enjoying your TR! TRs keep me from going completely bonkers these days. My trip seems so far away.


So far so good! It’s getting me a little excited for my upcoming trip!!


It was absolutely fantastic. The spinach had a light vinegar sprinkle on it which just topped it off.


[QUOTE=Mickeybug;1087111]Enjoying you’re TR. I can’t wait to stay at the BW one day.

btw, what’s that wet looking stuff on the sidewalk in your first pics. Seems like I remember seeing something like that a loooong time ago :happy: j/k
Glad you’re having a good time and y’all aren’t letting inclement weather hold you back.[/QUOTE]

Everyone asked if the ‘wet looking stuff’ ruined the trip. After going to WDW so many times and getting rained on, you just put on the poncho and go go go.