1st week of january?


ok, so i asked before about the week between Christmas and New years (and you all assured me it would be crowded) - how about the 1st week of January? after New years day (maybe the 2nd-10th or so)?


That should be pretty great for low crowds! I would think it would be very pleasant, with plenty of room at restaurants, too.

You still might need to avoid Kali and perhaps even Splash (oh no!) if you run into a really chilly day!


All I know is that marathon weekend was completely sold out months ago (which is the days just before and after Jan 12th). And I mean completely. I couldn’t even get the Swan! That has never happened to me before.


we are talking about next year (2009) - any idea when the marathon is that year? we may do a timeshare, not onsite - i could book it now, and it’d be cheap/or free.

DH just agreed yesterday, so i’m still in the early thinking about planning stages. we wouldn’t have to pull DD’s out of school that week, or at least not for a whole week.

Thanks guys!!


If you could squeeze in between say, January 3 and 10 (assuming you’re going for a week and assuming that the Marathon is still running in the middle of January,) the crowds should be pretty low. The couple of days after New Year’s can still be crowded, but it slows down by the 3rd.


those dates are perfect for us! we may be there a bit before and/or after, but those don’t have to be all day park days. i’d be ok with hitting parks early and then pools/dtd/relaxing. or i suppose we could visit relatives in the area in the afternoons, haha!

thanks llamacita!


I think you are ok then…until the marathon weekend. IS that over the marathon weekend? That’s usually the first full week of January…not positive though. One thing is certain, it will definately be less crowded than chrsitmas week. You really should try to go the third week…so uncrowded that fast passes aren’t even open…lol


well…i just looked at the calendar. BOO! school starts back the 6th that year - so she’d miss the whole week of school. if we are missing school, we can do it anytime, i suppose. i had hoped it would be like this year, where they don’t go back until the 2nd week of january. but, it wouldn’t work out that way for us in 2009. marathon is the weekend of the 12th (around then, anyway) for 2009, according to what i saw.

ok, so if we are pulling her out of school, maybe later in january is better - and then we can do a p & pp?

Dh wants to see what 1st week of june is like, so we wouldn’t pull her out of school at all. UGH!!!


Doesn’t this addictive planning drive you crazy. I go back and forth so much it makes me crazy. I feel like I never am planning enough or what I really want. I want each trip a little different and want to plan some different things but I seem to drive me nuts. Everyone else too.


First week of January is great. I went a few years ago and had very few lines (no more than five minutes for any ride). Marathon runners came on Thursday/Friday and there was only a slight increase in the crowds in the park.


Well, then I would plan for the first week of January. If you travel on New Year’s Day, your first full day at the parks will be Jan. 2 and it really is slowing down by then. (we’ve been there a couple of times, the 1 & 2 are more crowded, but not terrible Christmas-like crowded). If you went Jan 1 to 7, she’d only miss one day of school. From the 3rd to the 7th (if past years are any indication) the parks will be very quiet.


The parks were still packed today. DAK was REALLY packed!