2 adults looking for the BEST food in WDW


My wife and I are going in September with free dining (and without kids–don’t worry, they’ll get to go next time :smile: ). We will be making our ADRs this week and want YOUR input.

Our top priority in choosing restaurants is eating GREAT food (we’re not as concerned about characters, etc.). We’ll be there 7 nights so we should have plenty of opportunities to take in some of the best food. SO…what do you recommend? Which places have GREAT food? AND, if you were going to do ONE signature dining experience, where would you go?

Thanks in advance!


Here are my top picks. I have NOT been to all of these but I have heard good things…

Jiko (Signature)
Le Cellier
Tuttio Italia
Tokyo Dining
Kona Cafe
Rose and Crown (a personal favorite…but…it does get a lot of mixed reviews on the board)


Califorinia Grill is great. The best meal I have had at DW!


For great food, I am not sure if all are on the dining plan, our favorites are:

Narcoses (GF)
California Grill (CR)
Artist Point (WL)
Jiko (AKL)
LeCellier (EPCOT)
Fine dining would be Victoria & Albert’s (GF)


Le cellier
Cape may ( dinner )
California grill
Artist point


Here are a few of my favorites that I hope you consider.

O’hanna at the Polynesian resort…excellent food, service and atmosphere.

Whispering Canyon at the Wilderness Lodge - fun, fun and great FOOD!

Momma Melrose at the Studios - great italian…they stuff you here so skip lunch

Boma at the Aniamal Kingdom Lodge - very unique meal…love it there.

LeCellier at Epcot’s Canada - best steak on property…hard to get so book it now!


Welcome to MouseBuzz!

Now that you have a few restaurants to think about you can look over the menus and see what you are interested in.

Restaurant Dining Menus from Walt Disney World


Our favorite of all time has been California Grill- the lobster salad and the sushi app are devine! And the view of the fireworks are worth the long meal time. It was one of the first times I had a table where there was no salt shaker offered.


Hi and welcome to Mousebuzz! For a fine dining experience, I highly recommend Artist Point at the Wilderness Lodge (WL).


Welcome to MB! My dh and I are often on our own. And we’re at the point where we prefer adult dining too.

Some of our favs. are:

Chefs de France
Flying Fish
Artist Point


Victoria and Alberts.

Hands down.


Some of my Favorites are:
Trails End
Sci Fi
50’s Primetime
Whispering Canyon
Rose & Crown
Liberty Tree Inn
Crystal Palace
Earl Of Sandwich

Really too many to list them all.


Are the Swolphin restaurants on the dining plan? If they are, I would recommend the new Il Mulino New York Trattoria. By far the best dining experience I’ve ever had at Disney. And there have been many. :happy:


I love Artist Point.

I also really love Tangierine Cafe, the counter service in Morocco that is soooo good.


Boma for breakfast - amazing!! The omlettes are the best in all of wdw!


Here are some of our favorites:

Crystal Palace (MK)
Kona & Ohana (Poly)
Chef Mickeys (Contemporary)

Lunch -or- Dinner
Le Cellier(Epcot)
California Grill (Contemporary)
Jiko (AKL)
Nacroossee’s (GF)
Wolfgang Pucks Cafe (DTD)
Ohana & Kona (Poly)


signature dining… chef’s table at Victoria & Albert’s

or California Grill


Bluzoo (cannot recall correct spelling…)
San Angel Inn is a romantic setting (but it’s Mexican…)
Tutto Italia
Coral Reef
Liberty Tree Tavern
Tepan Edo




One of my favorite things to do on adults only trips is have a nice leisurely breakfast and Boma is my absolute favorite for that! They have the best bacon anywhere!

For dinner I love California Grill, LeCellier, Kona Cafe and Coral Reef.


Best food and atmosphere for adults who don’t want the extra noise too.

Artist Point at the Wilderness Lodge. (Buffalo Steak is unreal)
Bistro de Paris at Epcot. (Menu changes all the time)
Narcoossees at the Grand Floridian. (Best view of Wishes and great seafood.)
LeCellier is just good food…even with the noise.
California Grille at the Contemporary. (Good view of Wishes and great food.)
Jiko at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. (Might just be the best unique restaurant on the entire property.)

Out of all of these restaurants, the kid factor is going to be low except for LeCellier. These are all top knotch, non-buffet meals that you will spend some money on.