2 Bedroom Villas


A friend of my husbands is planning her first trip to WDW this April, and of course has recruited the help of the experts - us!

She is looking for a 2 bedroom villa for 2 adults and 2 kids. I’ve searched on the site but none seem to be available. I suspect this is because they are taken up quickly by the DVC owners.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?
She does not want to stay value, so the Music suites are out.

Any advice appreciated!


What dates are you looking for?

One option would be to rent points from a DVC member, that would be cheaper than making a reservation.


Its April 19th to 26th I believe.


We priced a 2 bedrm Villa at WL for 3 days in April…it was during the first week of April. It was available, however, very expensive. $790 + tax a night. The total came to approx. $2200 or so.

We passed on the villa. I think if we go we may get two connecting rooms at WL or AKL instead.


To book them like a hotel room is VERY expensive - however, like Mickey suggested, renting DVC points from a member is the way to go! We’ve done this once before and will definitely do it again.


Hmm, here is what I am showing available:

Old Key West, 2 bedroom villa: $4,962
Saratoga Springs, 2 bedroom villa: $4,962

That is room only for 7 nights, all taxes included.

They may want to look at renting points, as it will be cheaper, and more options may be available to them. For example, a week at either OKW or SS would be 296 points, or roughly $3,000, if you can find a great deal.


Thanks Mickey!


MMcF – Can they stay off property? We get 2-bedrooms at a number of places. We love Vistana Resort, Marriott Royal Palms and Marriott Cypress Harbour. They are reasonably priced, usually available and incredibly cool insdie. Very terrific for kids.

Vistana Resort is a Sheraton property, and it is excellent! It is next door to Marriott’s Royal Palms, which has total trading privileges at Marriott World Center! Cypress Harbour is the newest of the three, but it is a little farther away.

There are two other places that are supposed to be terrific too, but we have not stayed at them (YET!). They are Vistana Villages, and Marriott Imperial Palms Villas.


TOTALLY agree with MissDisney! We own at both Vistana Resort (Lakes and Cascades sections) and the new Vistana Villages. I have only stayed at VV once and IT IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! Richly appointed HUGE villas. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this place to ANYONE. It is pretty close to the gates of WDW, too! (as is Vistana Resort)