2 credit meal or a 1 plus breakfast?


I have a DDP question that I have been throwing around for a while.
we will be spending three nights away from Disney so will have three extra credits left- this means we can book three 2 credit meals.

We have agreed on Artist point and possibly spirit of aloha, we have done a lot of the two credit meals already and are unsure weather to look for another two credit meal or just go for a one credit and have a breakfast as the other credit.

Any thoughts from you guy’s, your comments will be welcome


Hmmm. I think I would go for a 1-credit meal and have a nice breakfast with that extra credit. Maybe schedule breakfast on your last day and pack up the night before so you can store your bags at the front desk (or send them onto your next destination, whichever works better) and enjoy a leisurely last meal? :happy:


I would also do a breakfast and a one credit meal.

Have you thought about Hoop Dee Doo as one of your two credit meals? It gets much better reviews than the luau.


My opinion is to do breakfasts with the extra credits. We have done the Hoop de Do Revue and were not thrilled with it. Last trip we did Mickey’s Backyard BBQ and it was one of those “we did it once” kinda thing. I have not seen too good of reviews for the Spirit of Aloha. There is always the Castle too- this is the first trip we will not be doing that!!!


That is just what I was thinking we will be leaving around 2p.m so a last bit of Disney magic :mickey:would be nice before we head home:sad:

thanks for that:wub:


Hi disneyteacher and Mommof2,

I have been on youtube and looked at spirit of aloha and Hoop Dee Doo- our decision is we wont bother with either now.

Our last visit we did Mickey’s Backyard BBQ - wish we had not done this we also did the royal table and thought it was fantastic.

This time around there will just be the two of us (adults) but we love the character meals.

We are swaying toward doing the 1 credit meal and a breakfast, unless anyone has any good ideas:wub: