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Ok. I dont know if this will belong here but I have a few questions… On my next trip I am looking to go to sea world. I need to know a few things… How many days will it take to do sea world. I was thinking about booking sea world for 2 days and staying at a location near by for 2 nights. I checked online and it was $280.00 for 2 day ticket for 2 adults and 2 nights at fairfield inn. the kids were free or should I stay on Disney property and book sea world tickets seperate… Or should I say forget sea world all together and do 10 days disney… Help…


I think if you went to Sea World for two days you would see it all. We enjoy Sea World and if you are in Orlando for 10 days, I think it would be worth it to go. As far as prices, it depends on where you are staying at WDW, and do you have a car to go to Sea World or would you have to pay for transportation to and from Sea World to your hotel? Sea World is not very far from WDW and if you go to the Sea World Wedsite they often have on line ticket specials that might be a good deal also.
280.00 for two nights and tickets sounds like a good deal, but depending on what you are paying for the WDW resort you are staying at, you may be better off staying at WDW buying tickets on line and drving back and forth.
When we go to Sea World we drive from our WDW hotel.


Been to sea world in TX, it was great fun, but I couldn’t spend two days there, it’s just me.


I dont think I can do 2 days either but will we see everything in one??


We went to Sea World our last trip and we were staying at WL. We did not ride any of the rides but did manage to see most of the shows. My only problem with Sea World is that nothing is air conditioned. We were there in July and it was 101 that day. If I can give you any advice pay the extra 3 bucks to park in perfered parking area we were in the front row and did not have to walk very far to our car.


Great advise… Now was the air broke or just dont have it??


Most of the shows are outside and they have big fans. The food places are also mostly outside with screened in porches they too have fans. The stores have air but it does not feel like the Disney stores where it is really cool.

When are you going. We also went in October and it was more enjoyable.


I looking for oct 07


You can easily do Sea World in a day, especially if you follow the show plan in the guide they give you. The shows flow fairly easily into one another. There are only three rides at Sea World and I would recommend doing Journey to Atlantis at the very end of the day. You’ll get soaked. Kraakon is one of the best rollercoasters in Orlando, but if your not a fan of rollercoasters, skip it. It is very intense. The ride at the Polar Bear exhibit, I can’t remember the name, is a simulator, but you can skip it and go directly to the polar bears if you wish. All the exhibits are great and interesting. You can feed the dolphins and stingrays. That’s very cool.

I don’t know what you can do about air-conditioning outside.:laugh: And most of the shows are in open-air arenas, but there’s lots of shade. The Pets on Parade Theatre and all the shops and restaurants are definitely air-conditioned. The restaurants at Sea World have improved hugely over the past few years, and “Dining with Shamu” is a great attraction and buffet.

We never miss Sea World. It’s such a beautiful park and has a whole different feel that WDW. It’s a nice break in the middle of a WDW vacation.


Oh you should be fine then we just happened to pick the hottest day last July. My son loved the dolphin pool. We purchased fish for him to feed them they came right up to him, they also have photographers there to capture the moment. Don’t miss the Shamu show its great.


I guess the reason I picked two days, is that we always go during the slow times of the year when the park closes early. We alway feel like one day is not enough when the park closes at 6PM. So on a day the park is open later, one day may be enough.


We have gone to Sea World in TX and we did it in one day. The kids went on a few rides but at the Sea World in TX there are not that many rides… We did the park in one day just fine. We got to see most of the shows, feed the sea lions and dolphins, shop a little and we even went to the water park for a few hours. We where there when it opened and stayed to watch the second Shamu show of the day, the last show.

I would say that one day there is plenty. What we did was get a list of times for the shows that we wanted to see and a map. We more less planned out our day with breaks inbetween so that the kids could do some play stuff between shows. The kids just loved it. If you have never been to Sea World then I think you should go.

The food was good too. I dont remember the name of the restraunt that we ate at but they had great food and not the fried junk food. We had sandwichs, salads and fruit. Great food!!!

Good luck planning.


I think 1 day would cover SeaWorld. I go there often and I end up seeing everything in 1 day.


If your going to do it in a day Id say hit Kraken and J2A first, there near each other I think and once you’ve hit them withouth having to wait in line (Last OCT we got Kraken twice in a row because it was a walk on for at least the first 30mins of park opening.) you can start on taking in the shows (We hit the first performance of almost everything and it was great!) Throw in a leasurly stroll around the place, a go on the arcade and a trip to the Beer school and before you know it your having your final ride on J2A (It is amazing in the dark!!) and its time to go home, you’l have done and seen everything and you won’t be stressed at all. Sea World is such a relaxing day out!


Yes, I also think you can easily do Seaworld in a day. Early start and just
enjoy the whole park. We really enjoy Seaworld!:happy:


I also agree Seaworld is easy to do in one day


We are planning to do Sea World this Sept and I see if you order tickets online you get a special price, adult for kids price, and you can visit I think 7 consecutive days with that one ticket. We will try to do 2 days but we will be moving slowly with two tots in strollers letting them enjoy seeing the animals.


We normally do SeaWorld in one day… however, if you have small children, you might want to pace yourself and take a couple of days…



Sea World is a great park and the Shamu show “Believe” is fantastic. It’s definitely a one day park but if you really want to take your time and hit everything I will say a day and a half. They give away free days so it might be worth taking leisurely stroll through instead of rushing.

The park is really close to Disney so if you have a rental car its only like 1 or 2 exits down I-4. I wouldn’t skip it it’s definitely worth it .


We also did Seaworld in a day. We normally rent a car and were there in minutes. DH and DS rode Journey twice and DS rode Kracken twice. FYI, they will make you put your stuff in a locker for Journey if there is no one staying behind to hold everything. Got to see all the shows we wanted. Fed the sea lions and dolphins too. The park is easy to navigate using their map. We were done by about 4:30 and made it to our ADR in WDW with plenty of time. Definately make a trip to the park, it is beautiful and a nice slow pace.

Taxi’s are pretty cheap, if you would prefer to stay on WDW property and not have to change hotels.

Also, if you feel you did not see the park in one day, you can get your ticket validated for another day for free. I think they still do that.