2 Future Possible Trips 2 parks!


So it looks like in November and December I will be visiting both DL and WDW. November a friend has offered to fly me down to Orlando for a birthday trip for her in November. That is going to happen for sure unless something out of the blue happens. Exciting!!!

My 2nd trip would be December 15-19 at DL most likely at the Paradise Peer as part of Xmas break. Nothing is for sure on this one yet.

Anyways just some plans on the drawing board but just the thought of going ROCKS YAY!


Wow both US Disney parks within 2 months? That sounds like a dream come true! :mickey: I hope it works out for you, THAT is a trip report I would be anxious to hear!!!


It does sound awesome c-palace! I have DL in Aug nad WDW in Oct of this year! Having two trips so close is killing me, lol.
Here’s a little pixie dust in hopes that they both come true :mickey:


OK looks like our Decemeber one is going to be confirmed too YAY