2 more days!


I must have lost my mind :confused: for getting sooooo excited to be able to book my restaurants in 2 days for our trip, 180 days away… yipeee!!! I think? :blink:


Yes, Yipeee!!! Have fun getting the restaurants that you want


Not crazy! Lol I set my alarm for 545 on Tuesday so I was able to be up at 6 am to make reservations online! Lol have fun!


He he. I thought it was a countdown to leaving. Glad you are excited. Hope you get what you want.


I wish that it was counting down till we actually go, but oh well it just allows me to plan more and irritate the family… lmao

I tried to book this morning figuring they were wrong about the 180 days, guess what? They were correct!!!:angry: lol